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Intellijel PLONK

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Intellijel and Applied Acoustic Systems have spent some time together in a dodgy motel somewhere and have given birth to PLONK.


It’s just such a great name. I’ve been underwhelmed by AAS’s output, really since the awesome Lounge Lizard of many years ago, so I’m encouraged to see them strike out in a different direction. It’s like they ran out of ideas as to what to do with their modelling technology. Working with Intellijel on something a bit Eurorack looks like the best idea they’ve had in ages.

What is it? It’s a “module capable of creating a wide variety of complex and acoustically realistic percussive sounds.” So this is the engine from Tassman and Chromaphone stuffed into a Eurorack module – awesome!

The Resonator section includes models of strings, beams, marimbas, drumheads, membranes and plates. There’s an Exciter section comprising of a realistic mallet model and flexible noise source. It manages two whole voices of polyphony. Presets can be selected and recalled via CV to give the illusion of multitimbrality. There are 128 presets which can be imported and exported via USB. And all parameters are randomizable and can also be assigned to the XY controls.

PLONK is 12 hp wide, should be available in the spring for $309. Can’t wait. More information on the Intellijel website.

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