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Intellijel Quadrax

Intellijel Quadrax  ·  Source: Intellijel


Intellijel has released Quadrax “The beating heart of your modular” which has a whole lot of functions, modulations and generations four times over.



This Eurorack module has 4 independent CV controllable channels that can be switched into a number of different modulation focused configurations. Each one can be a simple AD envelope, an AHR envelope, a cycling envelope (unipolar LFO), a pulse burst generator or a morphing, beat syncable LFO.

The envelopes feature continuously variable response curves and can range from a biting 0.3ms all the way up to 20 seconds. The Burst mode generates a rising or falling burst of pulses. You have control over the number of pulses, their length, the shape of the burst and whether it’s increasing or decreasing. In LFO mode you have control over frequency and waveshape. The morphing feature creates variations on the selected waveshape.


It can get very complex when you start chaining these channels together to create multi-stage envelopes with the next channel triggered by the previous channels input, end-of-rise or end-of-fall. All 4 can be triggered at once and fed into each other for some serious messing about. There are also 4 CV inputs that you can assign to any parameter across any of the channels using a built-in CV matrix.

One incredibly useful feature is that it will remember its current state when the power is removed so you can come back to exactly where you were.

Quadrax is one of those modules that can solve a number of problems with the one purchase. It’s very clearly laid out and simple to operate and would probably be in constant use in any rack. The possibilities of complexity are very interesting and offer a lot of depth to the serious user. If you’d like to increase the number of trigger outputs then there’s a Qx expander that adds end-of-rise and end-of-fall trigger outs for each channel.

Intellijel Quadrax and Qx

Intellijel Quadrax and Qx · Source: Intellijel

Quadrax is available now for $329 and the Qx is $69.

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Intellijel Quadrax

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