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Electro Harmonix Operation Overlord Stereo Overdrive Distortion pedal

Electro Harmonix Operation Overlord Stereo Overdrive Distortion pedal  ·  Source: Electro Harmonix / Musicradar


The new Electro-Harmonix Operation Overlord is a brand new overdrive-stroke-distortion capable of working with guitar, bass or keyboard. So whether you wield an ES-335 or a TB-303, this puppy wants to make it scream!



Electro Harmonix aims to give you a valve-like distortion by using a JFET gain stage in the circuit of the Operation Overlord. Combined with a three-band EQ consisting of treble, mid and bass, the ability to add in the unaffected signal using the Dry Blend control means there a lot of useful options on offer here.


While the pedal is stereo, it can also be run in mono as well, making suitable for most standard applications. Because it’s got a control switch for different input levels, it should handle any instrument signals thrown at it. It sounds like a neat idea and if the character of the drive is good then I think it could be very popular indeed. I am looking forward to actually hearing it.

Nothing on the EH site at time of writing, but of course I will update this as soon as I find some decent audio demos.

RRP $197.10

Electro Harmonix Operation Overlord



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