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Moog Subharmonicon

Moog Subharmonicon  ·  Source: Moog


At Moogfest every year they run a two-day Engineer Pass workshop to build a Moog synthesizer. Last year it was the DFAM. It was supposed to be exclusive to that event but eventually, unlike previous years, Moog decided to release it as a regular product. This year’s project is called Subharmonicon and Moog are teasing us with a graphic of the front panel. Will this one make outside of Moogfest 2018?



It’s a weird instrument built from the vintage ideas of the Trautonium electronic instrument created by Friedrich Trautwein in 1929, and the Rythmicon, a proto-drum machine created in 1930 by Leon Theremin (yes, Theremin) and Henry Cowell. And then there’s something to do with Joseph Schillinger’s system of music theory. Interestingly the Trautonium featured a ribbon pitch controller and that doesn’t seem to be evident on the Subharmonicon.

What we do have is two oscillators, with two sub-oscillators each, a filter and a simple decay envelope for both VCA and filter. There’s some kind of sequencing or triggering going on with up to four “subs” and 2 sequences.

Looking forward to hearing it in action. The only question is whether it will become something we all get to buy or will it remain an exclusive Moogfest Engineer Pass product.


The full lineup for Moogfest 2018 has been announced and it looks like an exciting year. Moog have purposely chosen to increase the representation of female performers. This is an awesome thing for an industry that can often feel very male-dominated and has no business being so.


Check out this line-up:

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More Information

More information

  • Get your Moogfest tickets and Engineer Passes to build this awesome synth right here.


Moog Subharmonicon

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