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Moog has announced that the DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother) percussion synthesizer, that was previously only available if you built one yourself at a Moogfest DIY workshop, is available for everyone!



Well, I guess I was wrong then. I wrote about the DFAM being the awesome Moog synth that you’ll never own. Turns out you can. It will cost around the same price as a Mother-32 and comes in that same look and form factor. It’s a different animal though with a white noise generator taking central stage flanked by two square/triangle oscillators. The classic ladder filter has its own envelope but it’s missing the LFO of the Mother-32.

But the DFAM is all about discovering unique rhythmic compositions. The envelopes work dynamically with the sequencer to ensure that “tribal toms breathe, industrial impacts evolve, and sonic chaos can be created or subdued at the turn of a knob.” The website copy doesn’t really explain it very well but it’s a semi-modular percussion generator with bass and note possibilities. The sequencer is certainly a lot easier to understand than the one on the Mother-32. The patch bay is very cool, giving you ample opportunity to integrate and mess with it tirelessly until it begs for mercy. I guess the only way to get under the skin of what the DFAM is is to have a go – or watch the video.

What interests me is that they call it “the first addition to the Mother ecosystem of synthesizers” which says to me that there will be more.


The terribly cool video below is probably the best way to access the possibilities of the Drummer From Another Mother. It does indeed sound fabulous. It is $679 and is available now.

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