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Moog DFAM  路  Source: Moog

Moog Music have a wonderful celebration of Moog-ness every year called the Moofest. Part of the festival is an exclusive DIY workshop where the lucky participants get to build an original Moog product. This year it’s a Moog Drum Machine called Drummer From Another Mother or DFAM and you are never going to own one.

They will only be produced at the festival and so there will only ever be 100 of them in the world. While it’s possible that they might turn up on eBay at some point, if you’d built yourself an exclusive Moog instrument on a two-day course, at Moogfest, would you let it go?


So what does this DFAM sound like? Well, a demo has emerged on Moog’s Facebook page. It looks a lot like a Mother-32 and I imagine uses the same enclosure. But it sounds very different from any other Moog box. It’s got some drum sounds going on in there, but it’s surprisingly melodic and nicely fierce.

The Moofest is the 18th to the 21st May in Durham, North Carolina and by the looks of it they still have space in the DIY workshop. So if you’d like to get your hands on the DFAM and have the entire VIP Engineers Moogfest experience then it will cost you $1500.

Alternatively, you could pay for me to go. I’ll build the DFAM for you and promise I’ll give it up afterwards – just get in touch!

More information on the Moog Facebook page.

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Rupert Pfaff
Rupert Pfaff
3 years ago

Awesome – sounds great! Here’s hoping for the commercial release…

Joshua David Redlus
Joshua David Redlus
3 years ago

I’ll let you know how mine sounds next month 馃槈

2 years ago

Might want to change the title of this piece…..