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Modbap Hue

Modbap Hue  ·  Source: Modbap


HUE, from Modbap,  is a chain of 5 effects to colour, saturate, compress, distort and texturise your Eurorack bleeps and bloops. If you’re looking for lush LoFi tones, this could be it.



It’s a great name for a module that hopes to add a bit of colour and character to your audio. And within 6HP you’ve got a super-simple module with four knobs, a trimmer and a few patch points. Each knob is going to add a bit more flavour to your sound while the trimmer brings in the compression to give you that final bit of beef.

Modbap is all about the LoFi sound. It likes texture, distortion, heavy beats, soft distortion and classic tones. You know you like the sound of vinyl, and how can we not just revel in cassette tape? This is the intention behind HUE. Give us some of that classic LoFi boombap production.

So, the signal chain goes from Drive, into a Filter, then Tape Saturation, LoFi and finally the Compressor. The Filter knob is at the top for easier access because that’s what people are going to be using the most – that’s thinking, that is. The Filter goes left for low-pass and right for high-pass. Did you notice the Shift button? This gives you a secondary control on the other three knobs. For Drive, you get a boost and soft distortion, but with Shift you get some tone control as well. With the Tape knob, you get some cassette tape saturation, and then with Shift you can increase the intensity. LoFi adjusts the bit depth, while adding Shift adjusts the sample rate. The mini pot on the compressor just winds it all together.

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Sounds pretty full-on to me. You’re going to want one for every channel of sound.

The price appears to be $299 to preorder, with delivery by the end of the month.

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Modbap Hue

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