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Their products might not be within everyone’s budget, but if you’re on the look out for something special then Manley Labs is always worth looking at. Be it as an item to draw clients into your studio, or as a new sonic weapon for the seasoned professional, Manley Labs produce some of the best outboard gear around. At NAMM this year they announced two new additions to their range.

First up is the NU MU. This is a new stereo compressor/limiter based on what is probably Manley’s most successful unit, the VARIABLE MU. Both these compressors provide gain reduction via valves, but the new NU MU combines this with a solid state audio chain for a cleaner sound. In doing so, Manley are advertising that this gives the “smoothest dynamics action coupled to the punchiest sonic path”. The NU MU also includes a new HIP function for bringing up lower details without squashing transients.

Secondly, there’s the new ELOP+. This is another dynamics unit based on another of their classics, the original ELOP. It’s a stereo electro-optical compressor/limiter, again with valves but this new 2016 ‘plus’ model includes their new high-voltage switching power supply. According to Manley, the ELOP+ is a complete design overhaul, and also now includes a 3:1 ratio for extra versatility.

Given half a chance, I look forward to hearing these great-looking units.

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Here’s a YouTube video of Manley Labs at NAMM last weekend, by Audiofanzine: