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Error Instruments Liquid Glitcher

Error Instruments Liquid Glitcher  ·  Source: Error Instruments Liquid Glitcher


This is a mess of a module that has no idea what it is or what it’s supposed to be doing. And perhaps it’s that existential crisis that contributes to the stream of madness that vomits from the output while the triangular light in the centre stabs like a dagger in your eye. TURN IT OFF!


Liquid Glitcher

Error Instruments are calling it “the only ultraviolence oscillator” which should be enough to make you flee but there’s something so nasty about Liquid Glitcher that you just can’t tear yourself away. It’s actually an entire synth voice with an oscillator (or something that makes noise) some kind of sub-oscillator, LFO, low pass gate and clock divider for pulsating approximations of sequences.

At the top of the Liquid Glitcher you have 4 knobs which control the state of mind of the oscillator from madness to complete insanity. These all have CV inputs so it can f*ck itself while trying to rip your head off. It has a sense of badly tuning a radio which has just been run over by a train.

The LPG introduces the opportunity to bang your head against the wall in a constantly rhythmic manner. This can be gated from elsewhere or via its own internal bleeding heartbeat LFO.

The clock dividers at the bottom split your headache in different competing and uncomplimentary speeds which you can plug into any available orifice.

I enjoy writing about Error Instruments modules, they are truly out there and fabulous. I adore the way they stick their middle finger up at the pure and classic tones and timbres normally found in modular. Rock on. I’d be up for writing a review on one if you’d like to send it to me!

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Error Instruments Liquid Glitcher

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