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Error Instruments Lucifer

Error Instruments Lucifer  ·  Source: Error Instruments

Error Instruments Lucifer manual

 ·  Source: Error Instruments


The evil FM sounds of Lucifer will forever infect your Eurorack and toss you into the furnace of sinful patching. But it’s just too much fun – who will save us?



You don’t usually invoke the name of heaven’s most dastardly fallen angel when talking about Eurorack but Error Instruments like to meddle with the underbelly of evil tones, noise and darkness. Lucifer is an evil oscillator and one that could darken the lives of even the glitchiest of enslaved modular fiddlers. So what does it do?

Lucifer generates sounds through frequency modulation. FM is, for me, the most evil of synthesis forms and while it can produce beautiful and evocative sounds it can easily fall into chaos and filth – this is what Lucifer is about. Rather than nice electric pianos, twinkling bells and metallic vibe tones, you’ll be getting noise, compound fractures and the sound of your worst visit to the dentist. The frequency modulation happens in the low level of sub-bass sounds where frequencies cross modulate into noise and deep, dark drones. There are three outputs; one is spewing with drones, one wretches out different levels of noise, and another pulses out corruption in response to gate or trigger inputs.


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There’s some kind of manipulation going on in the middle that confuses itself between Light, White Night and Dark Night tones where you believe your switching is actually driving the changes rather than Lucifers infernal will. The module glows at you alarmingly while trying to be something to do with Scandinavian hallucinations in dark and complex ways.

My advice is to run away.

Lucifer is available now for a special price of €159 which will be returning to €199 today at some time so you might want to act fast. But whatever you do, don’t watch this video.


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Error Instruments Lucifer

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