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Screen capture of Nick de Friez Instagram Story

Screen capture of Nick de Friez Instagram Story  ·  Source: Nick de Friez Instagram Story

Spotted in an Instagram Story the fleeting glimpse of what is clearly a Roland Boutique instrument that we haven’t seen before. In blue, with sliders, a handful of knobs and buttons how can it be anything other than a Boutique version of this:

Roland SH-101 in blue

Roland SH-101 in blue

The classic Roland monosynth, the SH-101.

We were first alerted to the Instagram story by who posted a blurred screen grab of the video. It comes from the account of Nick de Friez who, according to works for Roland. The thing is that Instagram Stories vanish after 24 hours so by tomorrow we may never get another look. Although the images are really blurry, and I’ve tried all sorts of ways of getting a better shot, any synthesizer enthusiast will know that you just saw a slightly altered SH-101.

So….. I tried to video the video, and here’s an animated gif of the best passing shot.

Screen capture of Nick de Friez Instagram Story

Screen capture of Nick de Friez Instagram Story

I think that’s pretty conclusive, don’t you?

There’s been a plug-out version of the SH-101 for the System 1 for quite some time, plus the virtual VST version found in the Roland Cloud. So, all the work’s been done, the ACB technology and the software already exists. They just have to build the hardware interface – job done. If it’s in someone’s studio, if if a member of staff, then it can’t be too far away. Which leaves us with just one question – will they release a mod grip attachment for the K-25m keyboard?

4 responses to “Leak! Is this a Roland SH-101 Boutique?”

  1. FractalCerebral says:

    I need this, thank you Roland!

  2. hungedu says:

    I always regretted selling my grey SH-101 many years ago. Hopefully, grey will also be made available. I will definitely get one!

  3. John Wooden says:

    I’ve had 2 different ones and ended up flogging them when skint and a Juno 60. This might be a way to fill that Roland shaped hole in my mix.

  4. ManuRiga says:

    it is clearly visible. SH 01A

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