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Roland Boutique VP-03

Roland Boutique VP-03  ·  Source:

So where exactly is Moogulator getting his information? This one is declared as a “final leak” and it’s a single image of a Boutique style device labelled VP-03 Vocoder. You can see his blog post here. We’ve also reported on leaked images of the previously rumoured System 8 and two new modules: the TB-03 and the TR-09.


VP-03 Boutique Vocoder

Nothing much to report about it other than it can sit in the Roland Boutique optional keyboard. There’s a mic input obviously and the Play/Stop button would indicate that the row of buttons is a 16 step sequencer. Otherwise the controller labels are hard to make out. Presumably it’s modelled after the 10 band Roland VP-330 vocoder. That machine also had choir and string sounds and is regarded as the best sounding vocoder ever produced. Or so they say.

I’m not very excited by the idea of a new Vocoder but I’m sure there’s plenty of people who will be. However, I’m more than happy to be persuaded. Price points on this and the also leaked TR-09 and TB-03 are yet to be discovered. We’ll have to wait for 909 day on the 9th September to find that out.

For more information on Roland’s big release day click here.

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