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Roland Boutique Synth update to version 1.10  ·  Source:

Roland have just announced the update to version 1.10 for their boutique synths JU-06, JP-08 and  JX-03. This will please many users, as these compact synths were missing a major feature when they were launched…


It’s all about control

The 1.10 update brings the ability to control all the parameters over MIDI using control change messages. Yes, CC is here at last! It’s such a useful thing and odd that Roland didn’t actually include it on launch. Now you can send and receive control changes, which is rather useful with a synth. For example, you can now draw in filter cutoff messages, LFO speeds or even envelopes on your DAW’s MIDI control page and your Roland JU-06, JP-08 or JX-03 will react to those CC messages.

You can get the 1.10 update direct from Roland from the links below:




Time for you to take back control and make some noise!

More details on the whole range of Roland Boutique Synths available on their official site



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    About fucking time, sloppy as shit

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