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Liquid Profiling is here

Liquid Profiling is here  ·  Source: Kemper


Kemper surprises users with an update for the Profiler, which is now equipped with Liquid Profiling, a mix of profiling and modeling. Now you really have an influence on the sound with the controls.


UPDATE 04/08/23

From today, the beta version of OS 10.00 is available for download. Since this is still a pre-release version, Kemper recommends exercising caution.  Especially all those who rely on Kemper amps on stage and in productions should wait for the full version.

Liquid Profiling

And as we described in the original news article from June, Liquid Profiling is the combination of modelling and profiling, so that the responsiveness of the controls of an amp, whether gain or the EQ controls, can now also be modelled in the Kemper.

Kemper 10.00 Beta

Liquid Profiling · Source: Kemper

Free Update

Currently OS 10.0 public beta is available for free from the Kemper Website.

There is also Liquid Profiling content available for free from the most renowned Rig vendors out there: Michael Britt, Guido Bungenstock and the RigBusters.

Users can access these Rig Packs from the corresponding Rig Manager.

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Kemper Liquid Profiling

The new software update from Kemper brings a really exciting feature for owners of the Profiler amplifier: Liquid Modeling. It apparently fixes the problem that many guitarists have with the profiler.

The controls now really have an influence on the sound after the profile has been created. And that in such a way that it sounds authentic.

For this purpose, Kemper combines modelling with well-known profiling.

Through the modelling of EQ or Tonestacks and the Gain Control now have the best of both worlds. Kemper is currently consciously limited to the parts on which you have influence as a guitarist on real amps (on the controls).

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Both PROFILER OS 9.0 and Rig Manager 3.4 for the Kemper Profiler guitar and FX system have just been released. Essentially they now work as an audio interface via USB and therefore users have re-amping options at last.

This could be great for recording and monitoring any DAW on Win, MacOS and iOS.

Users can also leverage the internal FX device, which means that they can now use Kemper Delay and Reverb Studio FX for vocal tracks, drum tracks, etc

Kemper Re-Amping

Re-Amping · Source: Kemper

Re-amping Command Center

Plus, the ability to re-amp guitars via the Re-amping Command Center will no doubt be welcome for many existing and potential new users.

The Kemper hardware offers a nice quiet guitar input signal-to-noise ratio of 127db with a transparent signal path that will not colour your guitar tone.

Source: YouTube/Tone Junkie


Rig Marketplace & Rig Manager

The PROFILER OS 9.0 also includes the new Rig Marketplace feature.

Users can shop for their favourite rig creators online. Currently over 20 stores are listed in the marketplace and provide access to various rig creators from vintage, classic, modern, metal, and experimental to artist-oriented tones.

Rig Manager allows the Profiling process to be started and controlled remotely. This makes creating a number of profiles simple and straightforward.

These new rigs can then be labelled and stored in the Rig Manager library directly.

Overall, a welcome update and one that brings the Kemper systems in line with their competitors.

Liquid Modeling?

According to my contact at Kemper, the Liquid Modeling is yet to be fully official, even though it was also announced back in May. I guess, a lot of this new update is still Public Beta.

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Liquid Profiling is here

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