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Joyo MA-10 Series portable battery amps

Joyo MA-10 Series portable battery amps  ·  Source: Joyo

Chinese brand Joyo has just announced a series of dual-channel portable amps for electric, acoustic and bass guitars. Joining the ultra-compact amp market, the MA-10 series is pitched at players looking for a light-weight amp for outdoor use like busking. 

Joyo MA-10

The MA-10A, MA-10E and MA10B models have obviously been designed with portability in mind. Each model has two channels  adapted for the appropriate instruments. In addition to the standard Clean channel, both the bass and electric guitar models have a Drive channel. The acoustic version has a Bright channel instead, as you generally don’t want distorted acoustic guitar sounds. The rest of the layout is simple with Volume, Tone, Gain controls to dial in your tones. These should be a breeze to get up and running.

Joyo MA-10 controls

Joyo MA-10 controls

Battery Power

All three amps in the MA-10 series use a 5-inch speaker with 10 watts (RMS) output. With 6 AA batteries, the Joyo amps all will run for up to 3 hours, which isn’t a huge amount of time, but it’ll give you long enough to do a set or two. You can also run them via an external 9-Volt 1200 mA DC power supply as well, which will save on batteries.

Joyo MA-10A

Joyo MA-10A

A Busking Companion?

These amps could be perfect for the upcoming summer months if you want to take your guitar out and perform to a small audience while enjoying the sun. You can even fix a shoulder strap to them, so you can carry them around with you – a good solution for wannabe wondering minstrels.

The new models are ridiculously cheap, so they won’t break the bank. The competition is far more expensive, like the Blackstar Super Fly or the IK Multimedia iRig Micro Amp. However, both of those have far more features than the Joyo MA-10 range. But if you are on a very tight budget, they’re worth a look.

RRP – MA-10E – USD 32.99, MA-10A – USD 38.99, MA-10B – USD 35.99

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