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Jimi Hendrix Arbiter Fuzz Face at auction

Jimi Hendrix Arbiter Fuzz Face at auction  ·  Source: Juliens


Jimi Hendrix = guitar icon. When his old equipment goes up for sale, the whole guitar world sits up and listens. That’s his stature in the history of the electric guitar. Now you have the opportunity to own one of his original Arbiter Fuzz Face pedals!


’67 Arbiter Fuzz Face

Now, an original ’67 Arbiter Fuzz Face is worth a pretty penny already, as they weren’t exactly making thousands of them. The ones that were made tended to get broken or lost, so they are rare to find in working condition.

Julien's Auctions Hendrix Memorabilia

Julien’s Auctions Hendrix Memorabilia · Source: Juliens

The real deal?

However, when you add the fact that this particular one was owned by Jimi Hendrix himself, well… Let us just say that it makes it a little more expensive. This one has, we understand, proven provenance that it was owned by Hendrix. It originates from The Experience drummer Mitch Mitchel, so it looks like the real deal,  and not a fake.

Actually, the auction is selling off a load of stuff from Mitch’s estate, so you will find drum kits owned by him and even stage clothes as well.


Juliens Auction Hoiuse Catalogue Jimi Hendrix Arbiter 1967 Fuzz Face pedal

Julien’s Auction House Catalogue Jimi Hendrix Arbiter 1967 Fuzz Face pedal · Source: Juliens

How much?

The auction is being held on 4th November at Julien’s Auction House and the estimated final price is somewhere around the $8,000-$10,000 mark. I suppose that is to be expected for a Hendrix-owned fuzz pedal. I figure whoever wins the auction will do so as an investment, as these things are getting harder to find, especially given the established provenance of Jimi’s ownership.

If this one is too expensive for your budget, then I suggest you go for one of the regular Dunlop versions below, as they will get you in the ballpark and you’ll save a few quid as well!


Thomann – Dunlop Mini Fuzz face page

Thomann – Dunlop Fuzz Face JH FI page

More Information


The pedal eventually sold for a whopping $40,625!


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Jimi Hendrix Arbiter Fuzz Face at auction

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4 responses to “Jimi Hendrix-owned original ’67 Arbiter Fuzz Face up for grabs!”

    Drifter says:

    I have an Arbiter Fuzz Face that I took from a concert at Yales Woolsey Hall on Nov 17, 1968, I have no way to prove it other then my story and just so you know, I’m 74yo now


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