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Arturia FX Collection 4

Introducing Arturia FX Collection 4  ·  Source: Arturia


The Arturia FX Collection 4 has arrived with some new additions and improvements, bringing the total number of effects to 30. With this upgrade, the collection of classic effects is more extensive than ever.


Arturia is well known for its software recreations of vintage instruments and effects, with solutions that appeal to artists, composers, engineers, and enthusiasts alike.

What’s new in Arturia FX Collection 4?

As we’ve mentioned, there are four new effects plug-ins that will now be included in the FX Collection 4 lineup. Let’s take a closer look at each one:

Rotary CLS-222

The Dynacord CLS-222 was an effects unit, revered for its sound character and used by the likes of Pink Floyd to recreate the classic rotating Leslie speaker effects in a more compact and portable format.

Arturia’s new plug-in recreation of the Rotary CLS-222 is a new offering, making the unique sound available within a flexible DAW environment.

Arturia Rotary CLS-222

Rotary CLS-222 · Source: Arturia


Arturia’s versatile dual-distortion effects plug-in is now available with FX Collection 4. Dist COLDFIRE offers 11 different analogue and digital distortion models that you can use over the two layers.

Each of these layers is equipped with a filter section both pre and post-distortion to focus the range of the effect. What’s more, there is an extensive modulation section and a choice of compression, limiting, and multiband dynamics processing.


Filter MS-20

The filter section from that punky Korg semi-modular synth has been reborn in stereo format with an extra bite from the added distortion module.

Now you can some of the character of the MS-20 onto synths, drums, and vocals or use it to create hair-raising filter sweeps in your music.

Rev LX-24

Few effects defined the sound of an era the way the Lexicon 224 did in the 1980s, when it was used both artfully and compulsively on about every instrument imaginable.

The Lexicon has been reimagined by Arturia, but rather than simply being capable of reproducing classic reverb algorithms, the Rev LX-24 has the power to design completely new and modern reverbs as well.

Meanwhile, there are also improvements to various individual plug-ins, including:

  • An overdrive gain compensation for Bus FORCE
  • 40 new presets and a new modulation workflow for Efx FRAGMENTS
  • More oversampling quality options for Bus FORCE and Rev SPRING-636
  • There is now support for NKS VST3 and Mac M1 AAX, as well as a range of other optimizations and bug fixes.

Pricing and availability:

FX Collection 4 will be available soon from your favourite retailer.

More about the Arturia FX Collection 4:

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Arturia FX Collection 4

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