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Orange wants to reissue effect pedals from the 1970s

Orange wants to reissue effect pedals from the 1970s  ·  Source: Orange


It turns out that Orange Amplification wants to recreate three of its old 1970s effect pedals. Could this be a good thing, or is it not be worth all the effort? Either way, they have apparently found some old schematics, so it seems likely to happen.


Orange ’70s stomp boxes

Orange Amplification recently posted on Facebook that it had found some old ‘tea stained schematics’ of a few original pedals from the 1970s. The three orange coloured stomp boxes in question were named Phazer, sustain, and distortion, and looked a little rough and ready by today’s standards.

Anyone own any of originals?

The plan is to reissue these “iconic 1970s pedals” with upgraded modern day components, true-bypass, and hopefully better build quality than the originals.


In order to get there, the company is looking for examples of the original pedals to gather some information about their exact sizes and dimensions, and learn from the owners what made those pedals special to them. Although, I’m not sure that I have ever heard anyone ask for a reissue of these old pedals. I’m also pretty certain that I went through the Phazer pedal long ago back in the mid ’80s… it didn’t leave a lasting impression.

So the question is, will anyone actually want to buy them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Orange wants to reissue effect pedals from the 1970s

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