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HY SeqCollection

HY thinks your MIDI sequences aren't crazy enough.  ·  Source: HY Plug-ins


HY are known in the community for their neat, colourful plug-ins – always reasonably priced and often available in powerful free variants. The developers have now made their HY Sequencer Collection (SeqCollection) available for purchase, complete with a cut-down free version.



HY SeqCollection features five sequencer modes – acid, dark, m5816, step16, hexa. Acid is partly inspired, as expected, by the legendary Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer – expect to deal with 16s, accents, and slides. Dark follows after the Doepfer Dark Time hardware analog sequencer. The M5816 is a recreation of the M185 MK2 sequencer for the Roland 100m modular synth. Step16 borrows from the Analog Solutions EKG, an 8-step analog sequencer for Eurorack systems. Finally, the Hexa Seq is an original creation and it’s a probability-based sequencer.

Additional features

If having five vastly different sequencer modes at your disposal isn’t enough opportunity for experiments, check this out – SeqCollection comes with 2 modulation signal generator slots and 3 types of modulation – LFO, Step, and Grid. In addition, there are Pattern Snapshot, Pattern Chainer, Step Recording, Midi Learn, Undo/Redo, and Preset Manager features.

Free version

SeqCollection’s cut-down free version features the Hexa Sequencer probability sequencer mode, ditching the modulation possibilities and MIDI-learn functionality.

Price and availability

HY SeqCollection is available for $40 in VST and AU formats for Windows and Mac computers. A demo version is available to try before purchase.

Overall, this is a pretty cool kit of sequencers, ideal for those times where the MIDI stuff you play or program just doesn’t sound mad and twisty enough. $40 is a fair price for what you’re getting, especially considering how much you’d have to pay to own (and eventually maintain) the original hardware sequencers these are based on.

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HY SeqCollection

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