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HY RPE Sequencer plug-in

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Looking for a new MIDI sequencer to drive your synths and effects? HY-Plugins released HY-RPE, an eight-track step sequencer that you should definitely check out. Being a great-looking plug-in aside, HY-RPE has 8 block chainer units in addition to the 8 grid sequencer tracks, and supports step velocity, probability, and trigger timing features.


Each block features controls for size and direction, and every track has Snapshots that can be copied and pasted. You can also select MIDI instruments, notes, and channels, or add swing to tracks. The built-in preset manager allows you to store and recall settings. The block chainer lets you switch around the order of blocks and the sequence in which they will be triggered. This allows for a nice degree of experimentation with different patterns.

Overall, this sequencer looks really cool and has everything you need. It might take a while to understand its operation, but there’s a user manual available, and you should be able to get some nice patterns started once it all clicks together.

As with all paid HY plug-ins, a paired-down free version of HY-RPE is available. It has three sequencer tracks and three block chainer units, but it’s otherwise identical in functionality.

Price and availability

HY-RPE is available in VST format for 32 & 64-bit Windows and Mac computers. The price is $38. A demo version is available in addition to the free version. In the demo, output signal fades out every few minutes, saving of presets is disabled, and effect parameters are not stored in project files.

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