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‘MAJOR’ Multi-Layer Software Synthesizer Plugin arp

‘MAJOR’ Multi-Layer Software Synthesizer Plugin arp  ·  Source: GPU Audio

‘MAJOR’ Multi-Layer Software Synthesizer Plugin envelope generators

‘MAJOR’ Multi-Layer Software Synthesizer Plugin envelope generators  ·  Source: GPU Audio


Announced this evening via The Pro Synth Network Show, GPU Audio have revealed the impending arrival of the first synth to make use of their unique DSP platform that employs GPU processing power to deliver enhanced plugin software performance, freeing up the main CPU for other tasks.


Unleashing the power of GPU

Hot on the heels of their effects plugin range that is still in Beta, MAJOR is a multi-layer software synth that GPU Audio describe as a hybrid between Lennar Digital’s Sylenth and Cakewalk’s Rapture instruments. Completely powered by your GPU, it gives you 8 layers with 8 oscillators and one sub-oscillator per layer and 8 samplers per layer too! Layers can be mixed into a regular stereo output but can also be sent to their own individual host busses and outputs, enabling huge, shifting, spatial patches.

Oscillators comprise of all the usual suspects, including FM, with the sample-based oscillators providing extra depth to your patches. MAJOR comes with an extensive set of envelope generators, arpeggiators, mixers and gate functions to further shape your sound and provide extra movement, as well as a bunch of FX. All of these can be applied on a per-layer basis.

‘MAJOR’ Multi-Layer Software Synthesizer Plugin envelope generators

‘MAJOR’ Multi-Layer Software Synthesizer Plugin envelope generators

GPU Audio has been grabbing the headlines over the last few months as their platform starts to deliver on their promises of enhanced speed and processing capability by making use of the GPU on graphics cards made by NVIDIA and AMD. Their Beta suite of FX plugins comprises a Chorus, Phaser and Flanger, with other packages in development that will be able to deliver effects that cover frequency correction, spatial processing, distortion and dynamics.


The beta suite is currently available for the Windows platform but macOS versions are planned and being worked on with beta version being available soon. GPU Audio are very keen to get feedback from end-users and the music technology community. Their Discord server is linked from their website.

MAJOR is currently in development and GPU Audio plan on having a beta version to try before the end of the year. Their plan is to give beta access to people who have submitted confirmed bug reports on their FX package, so if you want to get your hands on this cutting-edge synth, sign up for their free FX beta program over at the GPU Audio website.

Written by Rob Puricelli


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  • ‘MAJOR’ Multi-Layer Software Synthesizer Plugin envelope generators: GPU Audio
‘MAJOR’ Multi-Layer Software Synthesizer Plugin envelope generators

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