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Eplex7 Klerhaim N1

Eplex7 Klerhaim N1  ·  Source: Eplex7


From Eplex7 DSP comes a study in real analog synthesis circuitry that they’ve developed into the Klerhaim N1 analog software synthesizer.


Real analog circuits

Eplex7 DSP has created their own Virtual Circuit Technology to emulate the circuits and components of real analog synthesizers. It’s something that nearly everybody does and yet everybody also believes they’re the first people ever to do it. Everyone else does crappy, sterile digital software synths whereas this one behaves just like a real synth – is the sort of thing we hear all the time and Eplex7 DSP are no different. They go into a lot of depth as to why they did this, why it’s important and how 99.5% of all other analog-style softsynths are rubbish. I’m not sure they’re doing themselves any favours with this sort of hyperbole. What’s important is that this sort of technology is a great achievement and can produce fantastic sounding software synthesizers and so that’s good news for everyone!

Klerhaim N1

The synth is based on a load of different vintage synthesizers that Eplex7 DSP has analysed. We can take it as read that every part of the synth is a bit wobbly, prone to drifting out of tune and has a ton of varying behaviour and noise designed to emulate the classic sound that this is based upon.

It features 2 oscillators with saw, triangle, square, ramp and 2 pulse waveforms. There’s a pink and white noise generator, ADSR envelopes with 7 shapes for the VCA and filter. The low pass filter has 12dB or 24dB slopes ad controls for cutoff, emphasis, tracking and envelope. There are 2 LFOs with multiple shapes. You can add a bit of glide and the output has some juicy analog saturation.

Listening to the demos the sound is raw, dirty, saturated and noisy. There’s a lot of impurity in the tone which is exactly what they were going for. The demo videos are just someone running through the presets so to get a better flavour I’d recommend grabbing the trial version and giving it a go yourself.


As they say “do not be confused with marketing bullshits, use your ears.”

Klerhaim N1 is available now as a VST plugin for Windows for €29.90.

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Eplex7 Klerhaim N1

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7 responses to “Klerhaim N1: Analog synthesizer plugin that emulates circuit behaviour”

    Rasmus says:

    Sounds good – wonder if they deliberately chose a rhytmically and melodically challenged to demonstrate it….

    Septic Underground says:

    Wow great, a synth that sounds like it is broken.

    Sometimes you just have to admit that not everything about analog is so great. In a musical context. I have no need for unstable untuneable OSCs. Especially when they use those hyperboles indeed about other sofsynths. I sold many multiples of 1000s EUR/USD of analog synths the last years and I dont miss them one sec, except for their handson experience.

    The instablity, random clicking, sprung capacitators, electrical interference etc isnt something to desire if you are making music. Or maybe it will be some subgenre someday. Or maybe it already is. I dunno, it s a f-cked up world out there.

    Wikter says:

    What’s bullshit?
    Is this something inside our ears?
    Well… I’d say taste Diva, then ask yourself what else can you add.
    Anyway, there is a world full of real analogue out there… Why should we stick to another plug-in?

    lowlou says:

    Sounds real good

    lowlou says:

    Wonder what’s the trade off at other sampling rate (the panel says : better at 44,1)

    Reasoned Mind says:

    Bad coder of analog synth – “call in the marketing”

    Marketing – we will call it -“authentic modeling”

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