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UA Volt 276 Gearnews Raffle Featured

Win a Volt 276 by Universal Audio!  ·  Source: UA


Update: The Raffle is now closed and we’ll be announcing the winner shortly!



Part 2 of our Gearnews December Raffle! This week we’re giving away a brand spanking new Universal Audio 276 interface. Dual inputs and outputs, 24/192 recording, an analog compressor based on the 1176, Vintage Mic Preamp mode and a big suite of bundled software – what’s not to like?

Universal Audio Volt 276 Audio Interface

Universal Audio production quality in an affordable device – looking back now it’s obvious it had to happen eventually. And UA is uniquely placed to provide something cool, compact and affordable yet also desirable, with the allure of that “studio sound” that can be difficult to achieve when you’re starting out, or on a tight budget. So UA came up with the Volt series, with two different product lines. The “76” line – one of which we’re giving away here – includes an analogue compressor for “instant clarity and punch” with three presets, as well as a Vintage Mic Preamp mode. Oh, and wooden side panels.

One thing that’s cool here is the ability to hook up the Volt to an iPad or iPhone, so you’re getting that UA vibe even when you’re recording or mixing with an ultra-light setup.

Universal Audio Volt 276

Universal Audio Volt 276 Features

  • Onboard 76 Compressor with presets for voice, guitars, synths, and drum machines
  • 2-in/2-out USB 2 with 24-bit and 192 kHz audio conversion
  • Supports Mac, PC, iPad, and iPhone
  • Vintage Mic Preamp mode
  • Big software bundle by Ableton, Melodyne, UJAM’s Virtual Drummer, Marshall and Ampeg
  • Studio-quality headphone amp
  • Bus powered
  • 48V phantom power
  • Direct Monitoring, latency-free
  • MIDI

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Raffle: Win a 276!

This raffle is a little different to last week’s – this time we’re asking you to go an extra mile when submitting your entry. Comment below this post, or below the Instagram or Facebook post, telling us why you would like to win the Volt 276 – the most creative comment wins! A jury will pick the lucky winner. The raffle closes on Monday 13 December 23:59:59 CET.

Volt 276 Front and Rear Panels

Volt 276 Front and Rear Panels

Terms and Conditions

Participation is, of course, free of charge.

The minimum age for participation is 14 years. Participation is only allowed once – attempted multiple entries per competition automatically lead to disqualification. This raffle is for a Universal Audio Volt 276 Audio Interface.

To enter, participants are asked to state why they would like to win the prize of a Volt 276 Audio Interface. All comments (here under this post, under the Instagram post for the raffle or under our Facebook post for this raffle) are collected. A jury will pick the most creative entry and the lucky winner will be notified by the Gearnews team. Employees of, the participating companies and their family members are excluded from participating in the competition.

Your data will only be stored within the framework of this competition and will not be passed on to third parties. Legal recourse is excluded and no cash alternatives to the prizes are offered. The prizes are not transferable. This raffle for a Universal Audio Volt 276 Audio Interface runs from Wednesday, 08.12.2021 to Monday, 13 December 2021 (23:59:59 hrs CET). All comments received after this date are invalid.

By participating (submitting a comment) you confirm your acceptance of these conditions. Good luck!

Image Sources:
  • Universal Audio Volt 276: Universal Audio
  • Volt 276 Front and Rear Panels: UA
UA Volt 276 Gearnews Raffle Featured

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140 responses to “Gearnews December Raffle #2: Win a Universal Audio Volt 276 (Closed)”

    Mark says:

    Need a proper replacement for my old Behringer Interface which constantly cracks and sounds super dry 🙁

    I hope my music would have more amperage with this device or at least volt use it for clean recordings

    Wojtek says:

    I’m currently struggling with my M-Audio M-Track 2X2M interface – it has some strange problems with the network card in my computer – which is really weird in itself. For example when I’m connected to my local Wi-Fi, the audio starts to sound as if it has been passed through the bitcrusher and will not stop until I reconnect to the network, which happens several times in an hour. This little bastard also likes to sabotage my recordings by simply stopping recording audio from inputs.

    Roman says:

    The Volt would fit perfectly into my setup and hopefully take the quality of my recordings to new spheres. The features already sound damn good.

    Al F says:

    Time to upgrade my aging Komplete audio 6 🙂

    AF says:

    Give pls 🙂

    Alan says:

    Despite the change of name, I’m still a Gearslut!

    william Lorr says:

    Thank YOu for this

    Antón says:

    I’ve been wanting to upgrade my budget interface for so long. This little beast looks like the perfect replacement, and also, it’s sexy af.

    Jasper says:

    Because I want to record an ode to Universal Audio (UA) to the tune of The Kingsman’s Louie Louie which goes: “UA UA, woah-oh, please come and give me a Volt.”
    Hopefully, the compressor will make my vocals sound better.

    Max Kaufman says:

    My whole life I’ve dreamed of recording in tiny places in high fidelity. Whether it be under a desk in Amsterdam, or in a closet in Paris the sounds of claustrophobic musicians haunt my dreams. However I’ve always been limited as my current interface is too bulky, and even when I do fit it in a closet the sounds are simply of not a high enough fidelity to fulfill my dreams. But with the Volt 276 from Universal audio my debut album Claustrophobic Sounds may finally become a reality.

    Keynan Bailey says:

    I would love an audio interface, needed one for a while.

    Dawson Zinza says:

    Mmm num ba de
    Dum bum ba be
    Doo buh dum ba beh beh

    ♫ Compressor, pushing down on me.
    Pushing down on you. Volt, I ask for
    That compressor, such great sound
    Inputs: it has two
    And MIDI for beats♪

    Do do do do do do do

    The looks are not the only thing of this Volt that stands out
    My thoughts and ideas screaming, “Let me out!”
    Priced on Sweetwater, thought it’d be higher
    Compressed vocals, mean swing on beats

    Do do do do do do do

      Dawson Zinza says:

      My comment is supposed to be the first two verses to Under Pressure by Bowie, if that wasn’t super clear LOL 😁

    Daniel Latis says:

    Monitoring, my devices are sorry
    `Cause they have to worry
    About the lack of sound quality
    I hope the trinity, gives the ability
    To win the Universal Audio Volt
    The universe is bold, the struggle old
    I have love, even the mix seems cold
    “Have patience!”, they always told…me
    Ask and you will receive, work to strive
    Record live and remember to live
    The life, and get the sound through
    The audio interface, from the Universal Audio Crew!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

    Ronan McGoldrick says:

    I want to upgrade my Audio Interface from wishing to have an Audio Interface to actually having a high quality Audio Interface.

    Kevin Sutherland says:

    I’d like to win so that I can use the new interface to record a crushing massive orchestral hit with my laptop and guitars, become the next Hans Zimmer, and then finally be able to afford my 59 Fender Strat and vintage 57 Fender Vibrolux…
    The rich and famous piece doesn’t do much for me but if it’s what I have to do to get the gear, then so be it!
    It’s all about the gear 😉

    Rasmus says:

    I’m the universal audiot
    I make music straight in’der’face
    so built in compression rocks

    Jacek says:

    Well, I’d like to win this lovely interface so that I can sell my current one and put the funds towards a Zoia pedal.

    lairyboy says:

    These interfaces look great
    I’d give them a 10 if I had to rate.
    Built in compression
    will leave an impression,
    with fantastic sound out of the gate.

    James Buonforte says:

    I will take this little puppy to a parking garage and track drums in there, big zeppelin drums 🤤
    Pick me and I’ll send you the sample pack made from the drums we record.

    Peter Teipe says:

    This would be a great replacement for my focusrite solo that has a fried input

    Michael Perkins says:

    Very nice! Thanks

    Anton says:

    I think, I need some Volt, to play my electric guitar. Isn’t it?

    Iain says:

    Congratulations to the winner !
    I am sure the Volt will go to a good ohm.

    A3C says:

    well it would be sweet

    Claudi says:

    This is such a pretty box, and the tests you can find in the internet are promising. My kind of gear 🙂

    nativeVS says:

    As someone who likes a good bit of industrial design I have to say those buttons/switches just look darn sexy.

    Levi says:

    As someone who is recording-shy but really comfortable live, I’d love to run my piano and voice setup through an interface that will handle it in a simple way but sound awesome. I’ll be using the 276 for smooth vocals and rich piano tones to take listeners to a deeper place, without all the faff of balancing low latency with sounding good! This interface would be a lovely step up from my Scarlett. 🙏

    Konstantin says:

    That’s even nicer, I’m in.

    sergio badilla says:

    I’d like to win Volt 276 because :
    I gave up my audio interface to someone else
    I don’t have any UA product
    i’d love to have any UA product
    I’d like to win a raffle in my life
    It would be a lovely xmas gift (for me)
    I’d love to use the Onboard Compressor
    It has MIDI
    It would be very nice to win writing something when English is not my first language 🙂

    Johnny says:

    hey, I would like to exchange this interface with my old NI komplete 6 (because that is some piece of crap).. thanks.

    Andreas Zisopoulos says:

    I need a new audio interface now!

    Yannick Chevrat says:

    Ca fait rêver.
    Ce serait parfait en association avec une future twin X

    Nick Pope says:

    The onboard compressor could help mask that I am a horrendous musician 🙂

    Erick Gustianto says:

    | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
    | I NEED |
    | IT |
    | ____ |
    (\__/) ||
    (•ㅅ•) ||
    /   づ

    Roy says:

    Volt me, I’m famous!

    Enoch Pon says:

    It’s Christmas and I need a new audio interface like volt 276

    Marc VAN DAMME says:

    I already have an UAD-2-OCTO and It’s time to upgrade my home studio !! I really need it !! Good luck to all 😉

    Julia says:

    I want to be able to take my music to the next level and that vintage feature sure is looking mighty fine <3

    I love the sound of universal audio and I would like to have a portable interface to record wherever I travel.

    James Reynolds says:

    Clarity and transparency defined in one modern musical and compact unit .

    Jean-Paul Robert says:

    Cause I want to record some bloody r’n’roll !

    Luigi says:

    I would like to win this amazing audio interface because finally I can work and record my music adding a bit of warm and vintage sound.

    Miodrag says:

    Need this to be reborn again!

    Edgemont Martin says:

    I want to record my explorations on modular and make my wife personal ambient meditation recordings. My cat and dog will listen as well.

    Krzysztof Gronowicz says:


    Dave Neumann says:

    The Volt 276 is just what I desperately need as my MBox3 Pro has just died.

    Marlon Messam says:

    You know there’s Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen
    Focusrite, Presonus, Audient and Blitzen
    Oh… but do you recall
    The most famous audio interface of them all?

    Volt… 276 Interface
    Has a very nice wood finish
    And if you ever saw it
    You would post a comment to win

    All of the other Interfaces
    Used to laugh and call it names
    They never let poor Voltsy
    Join in any entry level games

    Then one foggy Christmas Eve
    Santa came to say
    Volt with your wood finish so nice
    Won’t you record some audio tonight?

    Then how the interfaces loved him
    As they shouted out with white noise
    Volt 276 interface
    You’ll go down in history

    I would love to win; I never owned an audio interface before. I have been
    Using my default computer sound card all these years.

    Thanks for the opportunity

    Radu says:

    I mean who would not want the leading brand in the studio when it comes to audio interfaces.
    Had the privilege to work with an apollo x16 . Instant winner all over the place. The hardware emulations are the best. Well life is for sure better and nicer with a UAD interface.

    Victor Ugalde says:

    This would be a perfect gift that I would give to a friend, that’s passing thru a rough time.

    Merry christmas!

    NC Hamsund Boberg says:

    Wish us all the best of luck!!! Sure this is a fine piece of equipment for musicmakers….merry x mass!!!

    Jan says:

    I’d love to gift this to my dad who has a $30 off brand interface and he really wants to get into recording this would be a very thoughtful gift for the season

    Aaron Porter says:

    My current interface is failing me, which is just re-volting, but this is just the shock I might need to jumpstart my rig again and make something really electric.

    Joseph Martin says:

    I’ve always wanted a way to professionally record one of my infamous (if niche) cigar box zither/Buddha Machine compositions with my iPhone while sitting in a field of Dutch tulips, eyeballing decommissioned nuclear test sites from a hot air balloon, and/or lying prone in a Mag Lev sleeper car. I feel like the UAD Volt 276 will get me closer to that glorious dream.

    Stuart Blance says:

    Definitely want to win this excellent interface. Need an upgrade to record my new album

    JB says:

    Nice – need those MIDI inputs

    James Dean says:

    I want to win this UA Volt. Because I would be able to make hits as fast as Usain Volt!!!

    Pasquale Piro says:

    UAD. Best interfaces in the world

    I would like to replace my old one

    Sergiu Rue-Ionita says:

    Amazing unit that would allow me to “volt” my IPad and make use of those iOS beautiful synths.

    Jay hart says:

    Universal audio rocks and I just want a volt!!!

    Lovro says:

    I’d love to win Volt 276 because it’s low latency audio interface. It looks good and the sound quality is amazing. I’d also like to use UAD plugins, which made them famous! 🙂 10/10 Good luck everyone.

    Leif says:

    This wold give my production the warm vintage feel it needs. Want it!!!

    Gabriele says:

    I’d love to win this audio interface…I recently bought an analog synth but I haven’t been able to do any sound because is voltage controlled and I’m hoping the volt 276 will fix my problem. 😁

    Mahadevan Arunachalam says:

    Just want to make good music with this wonderful interface

    H Wilkins says:

    I’m building a rolling tower of synths that I can move around the house. Think sparkling arps and soaring melodies wherever inspiration strikes me. The Volt 276 would be the perfect portable interface to capture those magical moments in time.

    jorge garcía abad says:

    I like big Volts and I cannot lie
    You other brothers can’t deny
    That when a built in compressor walks with a sweet pre-amp
    And wooden sides in your interface
    You get sprung, want to pull up tough
    ‘Cause you noticed that Volt was stuffed
    Deep in the presets she’s wearing
    I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring
    Oh baby, I wanna get wit’cha

    UA can touch this

    Kelvin Zero says:

    This might inspire me to record again. It’s the most exciting interface I’ve seen in a long time.

    Shawn Veneziano says:

    I am really excited about the opportunity to win the Volt 276 interface because I just recently finished my degree in Recording Technology and I’m so eager to start up my own home recording studio. I’m currently using a budget interface and I’m using plugins as my compressors, but to have an actual high quality interface with a built-in hardware compressor would completely change my setup! My girlfriend is a singer and I can’t wait to hear how she sounds recording into this with the compressor turned on. Thank you for the opportunity to win this, I’ve been excited about this interface ever since I saw it was announced.

    I want to win the UA volt 276 because it would mean a lot for me. I love all the specs. I need to hear what that onboard 76 compressor sounds like also I love the vintage mic preamp. This interface is the future of home recordings with its comparability to I-phone. Please find it in your heart to select me to be the owner of this beauty I never win Anything..I must’ve entered 100 raffles and sweepstakes this year and never any luck. I’m beginning to think I’m cursed. God Bless and Merry Christmas!🙏🏽

    Aaron Price says:

    Being a poor musician with a passion for good audio has always been tough! Good thing about the 276 is even if I don’t win this it’s still so reasonably priced fir what it is that I’ll be eventually picking one up!

    Tomas says:

    Entry to the world of Universal Audio

    Matt Barker says:

    The Universal Audio Volt interface is just what you need to ‘Spark’ your creativity.

    Robert May says:

    With enough knob tweaking, I’m confident this device will allow my dog to speak English.

    Because it might add some needed magic to my recordings

    Isaac Zapata says:

    I want this interface because I don’t have it, I work with a low-end interface and I think the dream would be to be able to work with universal products. I would improve my recordings a lot and I would have more competitive music. I’m colombian and i love music

    marquezan rodrigues lacerda says:

    Life is too short to ever complain and not chase the dreams you crave.
    My dream is to hold this work of art Universal Audio Volt 276 in my hands.
    And as my Father said: What is good, we cannot let it go, we have to go after it.

    Fabian says:

    Since I don’t have an audio interface I would love winning the volt. Cheers Fabi

    Bilawal Ali says:

    Time to Upgrade my old focusrite Scarlett solo and wanted to see this beautiful from uad in my studio

    Johan Ingman says:

    In my experience, there’s no such thing as luck.
    *sweeping hand motion*
    This is the comment you are looking for.
    Gearnews, I am your winner.

    ‘May the force be with us all’

    Julian Drury says:

    I will use it constantly … I promise lol

    Manuel Daniele says:

    I want it because it’s the only UA piece of gear I still don’t own 🙂

    Liiewa says:

    I had a dream where i stood on a stage with my late mentor. He told me that i should sweep the stage floor before he could tell me that i was ready. I couldn’t understand what this meant to my life as young musician and audio engineer on the rise, but one afternoon it hit me.

    This platform and gift to make music was made for a greater purpose and now I’m ready to play my part in inspiring the masses with every note and lyric. The Volt 276 would be a staple for me on this musical journey.

    Maya Angelou said and I quote _“There is a spirit in all music, the spirit has the ability to conjure up thoughts even pictures of something that happened or you wished would happen or you anticipate happening. Music has the ability to create ideas in you and me. It has the ability to encourage us to be creative.”🙏

    Derrick Davila says:

    I would like to a Volt 276 Audio Interface to create music and sound fx for 3D animations. I also would like to make a secret space rock radio/album…Oops!

    Ben Bultrini says:

    If you want that vintage sound
    Yet are without a penny
    Want to capture magic on the train, plane or bedroom window
    Plug in a UA Volt and instantly you go now!

    Michael O’Connor says:

    Obsolete MacBook Pro 2012, discontinued Safire pro 14, maschine mk1 controller. A free audio interface will get my expensive upgrade process kicked off.

    Niklas Emmoth says:

    That would be something!!

    Dean Pawlak says:

    That volt looks solid!

    Jeff Williams says:

    To modernize the old workstation and get away from plastic chew toy audio

    Toby says:

    I live in the UK were we have 230 volts. I believe that having 276 volts will give my music production more power! right?

    Cheers lol

    Valentin Dan says:

    I like the smell of wood.

    Alan Carmody says:

    Will I need 9 of these things to power my boss distortion pedal?

    Rob says:

    While i am on the Road i also like to have good old compression in my Sessions like in my sox. 🙂

    Art says:

    I want my audio to be universal 😀

    Alexander Pfitzner says:

    I need more VOLTage in my setup.

    Alexander Kern says:

    Good grace, please let me win this interface. Mostly my mixes are too lo-fi although my ideas strive for hi-fi. This Universal helper really could do the tricks, thanks to gearnews for always giving me kicks!

    Sebastian says:

    Time to Upgrade my old Komplete Audio6 solo and wanted to see this beautiful from uad in my studio.

    Matteo says:

    i literally need an audio card and i think UAD is the most solid audio company out there so it would be a dream to have one from them

    Yorgos says:

    Greetings! I’m starting my own band and we are inspired by Khruangbin, a band that often incorporates world-music into their magical funky-vintage sound. Each song feels like visiting a different country through the use of its musical style and, at the risk of sounding dramatic, I’m a tiny little bummed that they didn’t happen to “visit” my home-country yet. It’s my dream for the last 3 years to make a song slightly similar to theirs with the addition of my home-country’s influence, have my heroes somehow listen to it and hopefully get my country’s music on their radar.
    I own a focusrite 2i2, but I worry it might not do the trick for my plans to record guitar at home in about 1 month. When I read that the Volt 276 could help me with a vintage-like sound, I was very intrigued!!

    Mario Plamont says:

    I want to rock your Volt!

    Andy Callaby says:

    I would like to look like a mad scientist turning knobs on a piece of 1970’s Swedish furniture.

    MKehoe says:

    My love for this site will be Universal if I win this!

    Ho Shui Wing says:

    Time to upgrade my aging Yamaha DSP2416 🙂

    Salvo Rizzo says:


    Adam Searan says:

    This would be amazing to use for love shows with my self engineered loop pedal :).

    Nuno Mendes says:

    To improve my setup with this very good Interface.

    Christian Arial says:

    Inventive albums must be made, one way or another.

    Locke says:

    Some nice Inpuys for on the gooo

    Bogdan says:

    I wanna feel Bold with the Volt! 🙂

    Chris Ralph says:

    from central africa i keep an eye on new information about universal audio every day. it must simply be said that all this is beyond my means. I hope my dream will finally come true.

    Attila Nemes says:

    I am just an ordinary university sudent from a small Hungarian village, who always dreamt about being an audio engineer. In our country it is really hard due to mostly financial reasons. I had to choose an other profession which I currently study at the university. To tell the truth I really hate it and always reading pro audio blogs and magazines during uni lessons. Honestly, I study audio engineering more than my actual university classes. The only thing motivated me to stay at university is if I have enough good grades I can finally afford a beginner setup.
    I fell in love with music production and audio engineering when I was studying in primary scool. I needed an activity which helped me through difficult times. Bullying by classmates was common just because I was different. Music production was a thing which always made the hard times easier, and gave me something which my harrassers didn’t know.
    I was grown up watching and listening to UA products. I clearly remember that first real shock when hearing the breathtaking 6176 (which has obvious similarities to the 276) for the first time. As a child I told my family that if I won the lottery the first thing to buy will be that! That device is still the lock screen of my phone. The warmth of that 610B and the power of the 1176 cannot be comaped to anything! As the time went I learnt many things about audio engineering and UA products and was kept dreaming about having one of their absolute legendary devices.
    When I first seen the release of Volt series I was really like ‘wow’ this is heaven. They are not just simple interfaces, they are history, innovation, and my childhood dreams in one beautiful device. And of course the “which kidney to sell?” question was mentoined a lot those days! 😀
    Winning the Volt would be a huge improvement for me and would fulfill a real dream, getting my very first, real Universal Audio device! I can clearly see myself just watching the interface whole day! I would also support the talented artists in the area who are in a same boat and can’t afford studio sessions and expensive equipment. There are a lot of talents in Hungary, and they need to be discovered!
    In Hungarian language ‘volt’ means ‘was’. But this device is not just “volt”, it is the present, future, and history in one smart device!
    Thank you for reading!
    Best wishes

    chad says:

    I would love to use this to pair my analog gear with my ios setups and interstate then two ther to blend my workflow and be able to record my rigs with clarity.

    Eric Huynh says:

    I’m an audio repairs guy for recording studios. I repair people’s mics and preamps, but I don’t earn enough to own those same mics and preamps.
    I’m tired of working on other people’s dreams.
    I want to work on my own songs and this UA 276 interface will be the best starting point in terms of small recording setup for recording and mixing


    To finally get a good sound.

    Dale Somer says:

    I have heard UAD interfaces are quite an upgrade for folks like me who have consumer-grade interfaces. Thanks UAD for offering this prize. Good luck everyone.

    Jeffrey Goodwin says:

    what would it look like for me
    Well, I’ve been doing this music as a passion for 13 years. Not even a full time job. I feel like everything I’ve done and learned throughout the years has lead me to making smart decisions and taking risk. I don’t own alot of gear nor do I have a fancy setup. But by seeing Universal Audio (one of the top brands in audio Software) suprise us with their new interfaces. I couldn’t help but be amazed for such the price. Definitely on my list to get someday. But now that you guys are giving it away makes me genuinely excited. I’m ready to experience pro quality sound from what I put into it. I sing, play guitar and record through my focusrite. With this I can experience next level recordings. Thank you gear news and I would love to be your next choice to make a difference in my passion for music

    Fernando says:

    I need this interface to crank up the gain to the max so my neighbours find out that I am a music producer.:)

    P.D: In fact, this tool will allow me to take my production to the next level.

    Ipin says:

    I’ve been watching this product all over YouTube. The build is good quality. Preamp and compressor are stunning. So whoever wins this VOLT 276 will really enjoy it.

    Gloop says:

    Those wood ends! Oooof!

    Praveen PA says:

    For its Iconic sound and plugins also new catchy design.

    Patrik Müller says:

    Hi! I’m sending you a little silly poem, I hope whoever reads this has fun. Since I’m not native born English speaker, I’m sorry for some grammar mistakes. Enjoy! 🙂

    Magical Mystery Box by Patrik Müller

    Universal Audio, it’s all for the love of thee /
    You’re the Rolls Royce in the world of sound /
    But poor student in a debt, that’s me, /
    I don’t even have a pound.
    If I could win this beauty, /
    If I can stick around. /
    Just to fulfill my duty, /
    I’d roll around like crazy even on my neighbor’s backyard ground /
    I can play a song for you. /
    I can even sing a one or two! /
    I can play my own songs too /
    or just sing Love Me Do. //

    Those who owns this magical mystery box, /
    do they also have a secret that creativity unlocks? /
    No matter what, I have hope for a winning. /
    Maybe this magical tool can give me a living. /
    And I can’t forget about all the rest. / So I have to wish all the best. /
    While many of us wants to win, as you can clearly see /
    I hope the chosen one, it’s none other than me


    Mr Peter Foulk says:

    Finally Marty! UA have invented the flux capacitor! We’re going back to the future!

    Nicolai Nitsch says:

    This would be perfect to record my Volcas with my iPad since my Alcesis core 1 just doesn’t do the job. Low volume and missing low freq. So this would be the perfect Christmas gift for me…

    Mike says:

    Universal Audio quality at an affordable price.

    Want a super quality for super productivity.

    Volt as Love

    Kimme Utsi says:

    Now this gear would really make this an awesome x-mas.

    Tanner Bott says:

    I’ve had my presonus Audiobox for 10 years and really needing an upgrade.

    I would use this interface to record more sad songs 😢

    Gerd Linberg says:

    This is exactly the part I need to become famous!

    Luis Mascaro says:

    Very curious about the preamp on the Volt interface… If it sounds as it looks, it’ll be fantastic.

    Claudio Pallone says:

    I should get a VOLT for 2 simple but obvious reasons.

    I am italian and the name “Volt”, (unit of electric potential) comes from the reknowned Alessandro Volta.

    Not only that, I live in Sweden since 12 years and “Volt” in swedish translates to “Önska” , which means WISH 😀

    Irene Stenbäcken says:

    I could finally be able to record my Roland JU-06a synth in stereo and test the included compression.

    Would be so fun to have it under the christmas tree! 😀

    José Silva says:

    Ohhh, Universal Audio Volt 276
    * For my vocals : Onboard 76 Compressor
    * For my microphones: 2-in/2-out USB 2 with 24-bit and 192 kHz audio conversion
    * I do have 1 of each (Supports Mac, PC, iPad, and iPhone)
    * For my AT4050: Vintage Mic Preamp mode
    * Never too much: Big software bundle by Ableton, Melodyne, UJAM’s Virtual Drummer, Marshall and Ampeg
    * For my Headphones: Studio-quality headphone amp
    * Cool!! no need for a power transformer: Bus powered
    * When ghost stop by the Studio: 48V phantom power
    * No hiding around: Direct Monitoring, latency-free
    * Connecting controllers I need: MIDI

    Andrew Helps says:

    Well this one has wooden sides, which make it sound better than the plain black lump I currently have.

    Matt Jones says:

    Oh, sweet.
    Really hope I win.

    constantino ons says:

    Do you remember “The Perfume” by Patrick Suskind “, where the protagonist through the aromas was able to enamor, manipulate, dominate, soften, etc … others?
    Well, I want to do the same with the human voice. I have already coated a family umbrella with aluminum foil and placed it inverted on the community roof of the building. I have prepared a bypass from the town’s power station to provide the necessary energy on day D hour H through a switch and I have added 18 truck batteries (I recommend viewing on YouTube by the director of the logistics company).
    As soon as I have the Volt 276 I will record a message of peace and love worthy of beauty contests of the 70s to broadcast on Christmas Eve through waves like Apollo8 bound for the “Moon” that will function as an amplifier / receiver to reach its Universal destination , modulating frequencies from Astra to Starlight.
    This message will consist of a Christmas carol in Esperanto sung by my cat and me. For this, it is essential to have an interface that beautifies the feline and human timbres as much as possible.
    I hope to reach all the civilizations of the universe to invite them in a second message encoded in English, Chinese and Drunkatsunrise, to a New Year’s Eve dinner without dinner (who knows what they may consider offensive, the same some species is related to him, shellfish or even almonds) but with alcohol, so that disinhibition emerges and at the height of the moment we share in the happiness of drunkenness a joyful demonstration of our types of weapons.
    The dinner will be transgender, not because of an equality issue, which also, … just to make it more chaotic and fun and there are more possibilities of a universal fight, to see if this is encouraged a bit, that with the pandemic is everything a little bored-todoparao.
    My cat is very excited, he does not stop rehearsing messages (I attach reliable and testimonial evidence).
    (sorry for my poor english)

    God says:

    I gave you my son.

    I woulb lovɘ ɟo win ɟ⑁iƨ Volɟ 276, dɘɔɒuƨɘ i wɒnɟ ɟo ƨinϱ ɒnb ɿɘɔoɿb ƨomɘ ƨonϱƨ, ɒnb ƨounb qɿoʇɘƨƨionɒl ɒnb i dɘliɘvɘ ɟ⑁iƨ iƨ ɘxɒɔɟlγ w⑁ɒɟ woulb ƨuiɟ mγ ƨɘɟuq. I mɒʞɘ ƨoʇɟ ɿoɔʞ muƨiɔ. I ɒm ƨoɿɿγ, ʇoɿ dɘinϱ ɒ liɟɟlɘ dɒɔʞwɒɿbƨ…lol

    Vladislav Muzychenko says:

    This “volt” is not a dog or electricity…
    It is a uad card what for sure will blow your DAW plasticity!
    Shaboom, babe… Shaboom!

    Marlon Messam says:

    who won lol

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