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Win a set of four X-Gear digital effects pedals by IK Multimedia worth €1400!

 ·  Source: IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia X-gear virtual pedals

IK Multimedia X-GEAR virtual pedals  ·  Source: IK Multimedia

The first effect pedals from IK Multimedia - Amplitube X-GEAR

The first effect pedals from IK Multimedia - Amplitube X-GEAR  ·  Source: IK Multimedia


UPDATE: The raffle is now closed and the lucky winners will be notified shortly. Check your inbox!


It’s Raffle #5 of the Gearnews December Giveaway, and we’re closing out this year’s competition with an amazing prize: Four premium digital effects pedals by IK Multimedia worth €1400!

IK Multimedia X-Gear Digital Effects Pedals

IK Multimedia’s X-Gear pedals are digital modelling effects that bring AmpliTube’s sounds directly to the stage and rehearsal room. Four Amplitube X-Gear models have been released so far: X-Space (Reverb), X-Time (Delay), X-Vibe (modulation) and X-Drive (Overdrive/Distortion). Now you’ve got a chance to win a set of four of these great pedals!

Each is housed in a suitable colour and the correspondingly adapted labelling and knob functions. Many of the functions can be adjusted directly on the pedal, without having to dive into the editor. Each pedal features 16 effects with popular AmpliTube models, plus new reverb and delay algorithms.

The first effect pedals from IK Multimedia - Amplitube X-GEAR

The first effect pedals from IK Multimedia – Amplitube X-GEAR

In addition to input and stereo-out (true or soft bypass), inputs for an expression pedal, MIDI and USB are also available. All the X-Gear pedals can also be synchronized via MIDI. The conversion is accomplishes with 24 bits at 192 kHz with a noise ratio of 123 dB, and utilizing a freqeuncy range of 5 Hz to 24000 Hz.

Each pedal offers a matching ‘virtual version’ for Mac/PC. If you’re not yet an AmpliTube 5 user, an SE version is included to let you use your virtual pedal. A Preset Manager then allows you to move presets between X-Gear pedals and AmpliTube, and organise them on the hardware pedal. With up to 300 presets per pedal, you have plenty of space. By the way, the pedals are built in Italy and not in China, so the pricing is for a European manufactured product.

Terms and Conditions

Participation is, of course, free of charge.

The minimum age for participation is 14 years. Participation is only allowed once – attempted multiple entries per competition automatically lead to disqualification. This raffle is for a package of IK Multimedia X-Gear pedals, consisting of one X-Gear Pedal X-Space, one X-Gear Pedal X-Drive, one X-Gear Pedal X-Time and one X-Gear Pedal X-Vibe.

To enter, participants are asked to leave a comment below this post, or under the Instagram or Facebook post for this raffle. A jury will pick a comment at random and the lucky winner will be notified by the Gearnews team. Employees of gearnews.com, the participating companies and their family members are excluded from participating in the competition.

Your data will only be stored within the framework of this competition and will not be passed on to third parties. Legal recourse is excluded and no cash alternatives to the prizes are offered. The prizes are not transferable. The prize for this raffle encompasses a set of four pedals by IK Multimedia (X-Gear Pedal X-Space, one X-Gear Pedal X-Drive, one X-Gear Pedal X-Time and one X-Gear Pedal X-Vibe) and runs from 26.12.2021 to Friday, 31 December 2021 (23:59:59 hrs CET). All comments received after this date are invalid.

By participating (submitting a comment) you confirm your acceptance of these conditions. Good luck!

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120 responses to “Gearnews December Raffle #5: Four IK Multimedia X-Gear Pedals (Closed)”

  1. Mathias Seger says:

    X-Ray star child under my umbrella!

  2. Damian Szpiłyk says:

    Good luck Everyone!

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    Yes please!

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    Nice present for Xmas would be 🙂

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    Nice pedals.

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  7. Maurizio Baggio says:

    gimme some! gimme gimme gimme gimme some!

  8. Jose Antonio Hermo Serans says:

    New gear wouldnt make me better, but happier.. and that’s enough 🙂

  9. Steve says:

    Would love a set of these, they look amazing!

  10. Robert says:

    I am happy to announce that i wouldn’t mine to get these boxes under my wings

  11. Jay says:

    Look like fantastic pedals, yes please!

  12. Eamonn Barry says:

    Hey, nice pedals, can have some?

  13. Simon Oxblod says:

    Wow! I need a delay and reverb pedal so badly. Would be awesome to get these.

  14. John says:

    Thanks for that opportunity!

  15. Art says:

    IK Multimedia X-Mass pedal

  16. Longmont says:

    Fingers and cables crossed!

  17. David Acosta says:

    Wow I need them in my life!

  18. AF says:

    Good luck everyone!

  19. David Acosta says:

    Wow I need them in my life!

  20. Kevin Sutherland says:

    Itching to try these…

  21. Clemens Müller says:

    Das wäre das ideale Geschenk zur Studio Eröffnung 😀

  22. Gregg Crowley says:

    2022 is close: happy new year!

  23. Daniel says:

    Amazing giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity!

  24. Flory says:

    Good Luck everyone !

  25. Gabriel says:

    Nice one.

  26. Russell Chaplin says:

    What lovely pretty colours they are

  27. Lukasz Wos says:

    yes yes

  28. Jody Simkins says:

    That would be one whopper of a prize for some lucky player. Best of luck to everyone.

  29. Franck Prince says:

    Go go go!

  30. Michael Perkins says:

    Very cool!

  31. lairyboy says:

    Nice one Gearnews!

  32. pfrf says:

    Thank you for the chance to win those beautiful pedals. Happy holidays IK!

  33. Johan Ingman says:

    In my experience, there´s no such thing as luck.
    *sweeping hand motion*
    This is the comment you are looking for.
    Gearnews, I am your winner.

    ´May the force be with us all´

  34. rob says:

    Yippee! Pedals!

  35. Never actually won anything.. but would love to win these 😉

  36. FSXPilot14 says:

    Nobody can resist free new pedals, giving it a shot!

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    Yeeeees! These pedals are awesome.
    Good luck frens.

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    Happy new year!

  41. Matic says:

    Happy new year!

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    Merry christmas to yall!

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    These loook great!

  44. Aaron Smith says:

    These look very well made and durable, nice work.

  45. pillspills says:

    That’s a classy way to end the year!

  46. Micah D says:

    X-vibe is definitely on my wish list.

  47. zib says:

    I love Ik Multimedia X-Gear sound and look !

  48. Dale Somer says:

    Love IK products. Good luck everyone.

  49. Doc says:

    Happy New Year

  50. Donald barcelo says:

    2 of those are on my list

  51. Jan Krofta says:

    sounds like beautiful IKmass…

  52. Ab. says:

    Under-rated linup if you ask me. I’ll take four 😉

  53. B.Tenow says:

    Great stuff

  54. Locke says:

    Nice end off the raffle. Some proccesing for guitars and synths is always nice to have.

  55. Hugo Rodrigues says:

    Nice bundle, GearNews!
    Happy New Year to all!

  56. marquezan lacerda says:

    amazing , good luck everyone

  57. P G Lalonde says:

    Happy New Year!

  58. JK says:

    That would make a nice addition to the setup at home, good luck everyone!

  59. Dome says:

    I like them!!!

  60. Garde says:

    IK, yes…

  61. RP de Prey says:


  62. Michael says:

    Hoping for a late pedal-shaped Christmas present, conveniently forgotten under our tree!

  63. David says:

    Yes Please

  64. Claudio says:

    Amplitube houses the best emulation of a Soldano SLO-100 so far. Way better than Guitar Rig or TH-U. If I could have it in a pedal format, that would be party over the clouds !

  65. Max says:

    These look great! Good luck everyone, stay safe 😉

  66. Robert says:

    Very nice.

  67. Tom says:

    Cool boxes with cool sounds.
    Blue, Green, Yellow and Red all year round.
    I need Space and I want Time to relish this Vibe from the Drive.

    Good Luck Everyone!

  68. Nicolás says:

    Thank you for the chance Gearnews.

  69. Terry Hiscock says:


  70. pfrf says:

    Earlier I posted here for a chance to win, but then I went to YouTube to listen to demos of these pedals. Please don’t pick me.

  71. Vladislav Muzychenko says:

    Sounds Great!)

  72. mark doyle says:

    Great sounding pedal

  73. Tom says:

    I need one

  74. Eagle says:

    Good 🙂

  75. Invi says:

    Very good…

  76. Lety says:

    Can i have one of that?

  77. Patrick Mattingly says:

    Love these pedals.

  78. Diego says:

    good look!!!

  79. Paul says:

    Nice one. 🙂

  80. Craig Hurst says:

    These would complete my pedal-board,
    the videos sound amazing.
    Good luck everyone.

  81. Kind says:

    The black one I have a eye on since a while …

  82. Daan says:

    IK! IK! IK! IK!
    Best wishes from Amsterdam!

  83. DANIEL CRANE says:

    Id love these little lovelies 🙂

  84. Luis Santana says:

    Only heard good things about these pedals.

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    Instant Pedalboard!

  86. Henry Zometa says:

    I want to participate. Thank you Gearnews team

  87. Angela says:

    May my dream come true…

  88. Giusy says:

    I love them 🙂

  89. Matti Virtasalo says:

    Wow, nice set of pedals 🔥 Good luck everyone and happy new year from Finland!

  90. Nick says:

    Sign me up! Good luck everyone

  91. Dawson Zinza says:

    Hello there

  92. Eric Leary says:

    So many of my favorite things are coming from Italy now, Davie504, Studio Logic keyboards, and now… IK multimedia pedals are made in Italy. Perhaps they will become favorites too.

  93. michael chadwick says:

    NY Resolution for 2022. Write more music with IK X-Pedals!

  94. ASBM says:

    Happy new year everyone!

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  96. Maurice Healy says:

    What an eXcellent prize!

  97. shawn cashen says:

    come on , lemme win. . I have serious GAS and only 1 guitar pedal

  98. Adrian Wong says:

    Fingers crossed

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    These would be hott on my board!

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    I’d very much like to taste that rainbow!

  103. Calvin says:

    Well, I certainly won’t say no to that opportunity!

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  105. IK Multimedia thanks for offering the best pedals today. 😀

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    4 more reasons to love GearNews.com

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    Fantastic thanks folks!

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    Great layout! I would not mind put my dirty fingers on them.

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    I would like to win at least once in my life. Moreover, It looks like a great product !!

  114. Robert Hussong says:

    Happy New Year! Happy New Gear!

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