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Gearnews Giveaway Bluebox mixer recorder featured

Gearnews December Giveaway: Win a Bluebox mixer recorder!  ·  Source: 1010 Music


UPDATE: This Raffle is now closed – congratulations to Christina from Denmark, our lucky winner!


The big Gearnews December Giveaway Raffle is on! We’re giving away some awesome gear this year, and we’re kicking off with a fantastic prize: The Bluebox Digital Mixer/Recorder by 1010 Music.

1010 Music Bluebox

When my colleague Lyubomir wrote about the Bluebox on its release in 2020, he was stunned by the amount of functionality on offer in such a portable unit. If you’re aiming for a DAWless setup that’s mobile and flexible, the Bluebox is the answer. Six stereo 3.5mm TRS are on hand to hook up your modular stuff, synths and samplers – or even a guitar floorboard modeller. The recorder manages a highly respectable 24-bit and 48 kHz, more than enough for pristine audio. The inputs are mapped onto 12 mono tracks or six stereo controls, and each track is independently controlled, too. Parametric EQs, effects, three stereo outputs, a 3.5″ touchscreen – and it’s bus powered, too! This is a compact yet capable mixer and recorder, with an added live performance role thanks to the onboard MIDI I/O.


  • 6 stereo 3.5 mm TRS inputs
  • 12 mono tracks, 6 stereo tracks or something in between
  • 3 independently controlled stereo 3.5 mm TRS outputs
  • 5” touch screen, 4 knobs, 8 navigation buttons and 3 transport buttons
  • 3 effects: reverb, delay and compressor
  • Records and plays back 48k, 24-bit audio WAV files
  • 4 band EQ per track
  • MIDI In and Out for beat syncing effects
  • Dimensions: 5.5″ x 5″ x 2″ (14 cm x 13 cm x 5 cm), 1 lb (450 grams)
  • Durable metal case

How to enter

Entering our raffle couldn’t be easier. Just leave us a comment under this post or under the Facebook or Instagram posts announcing this contest – that’s it! We’ll draw the winner at random from all entries received by Tuesday 7 December at Midnight CET. Good luck!

Terms and Conditions

Participation is, of course, free of charge.

The minimum age for participation is 14 years. Participation is only allowed once – attempted multiple entries per competition automatically lead to disqualification. This raffle is for a Bluebox mixer/recorder by 1010 Music.

All comments (here under this post, under the Instagram post for the raffle or under our Facebook post for this raffle) are collected. The Gearnews team will draw a random entry and the lucky winner will be notified by us. Employees of, the participating companies and their family members are excluded from participating in the competition.

Your data will only be stored within the framework of this competition and will not be passed on to third parties. Legal recourse is excluded and no cash alternatives to the prizes are offered. The prizes are not transferable. This competition runs from Thursday, 02.12.2021 to Tuesday, 7 December 2021 (23:59:59 hrs CET). All comments received after this date are invalid.

By participating (submitting a comment) you confirm your acceptance of these conditions. Good luck!


256 responses to “Gearnews December Raffle #1: Win a Bluebox by 1010 Music (Closed)”

  1. Dimitri Dujardin says:

    Hey ! Would love to win this BlueBox 😉
    Let’s try my luck \o/

  2. panos kostagiannis says:

    Great prize.Good luck to all

  3. Donald barcelo says:

    of course I want to participate

  4. Alan says:

    Yes please!

  5. Daniel Latis says:

    Thank you so much for the opportunity! Cheers!

  6. DANIEL CRANE says:

    I’ll be blue if I don’t win this 😉

  7. pastoelio says:

    im leaving a comment

  8. Jay says:

    raffle, raffle

  9. mykola says:

    Gearnews December Raffle #1: Win a Bluebox Digital Mixer/Recorder by 1010 Music!

  10. Hans says:

    This would fit really nicely in a mobile set up, alongside the blackbox.
    I know it would fit mine 🙂

  11. Ab. says:

    1010 makes some great stuff… never went as far as to buy one… so… but if it’s free, count me in !

  12. Chris says:

    12 bar blues

  13. jose araujo says:

    my blackbox needs a new friend =)

  14. David Turner says:

    Yes please

  15. Nathan says:

    Raffle me

  16. Chiel says:

    Well why not

  17. Felipe says:

    Aaah it seems a lovely device, i would have use for it!

  18. Daniel Englisch says:

    Loving those handy boxes by 1010 Music and would be awesome to get my hands dirty on this BlueBox mixer / recorder out in the field 🙂 Good luck all and Merry Christmas / Happy Hanukkah everybody 🙂

  19. Ivan says:

    Nice prize – would love to win

  20. ASBM says:


  21. Yohan says:

    Bluebox is great choice! 🙂

  22. Eddie says:

    All righty!

  23. Dawson Zinza says:

    I have always wanted to try some 1010 stuff

  24. Eons says:

    O’right, Blackbox calling Bluebox!

  25. Kev Myers says:

    I’ve never won anything, but if you’re not in the race, then you win diddly-squat. So here goes. Yes pleases.

  26. Andrew Shackleton says:

    Fingers and toes crossed 🙂

  27. Sven Pocrnic says:

    What did the DJ name his son? ER-RICK!

  28. Gabriel says:

    Lovely recorder.

  29. Peter says:

    Seems lovely

  30. SupaDurl says:

    I want it!

  31. John Feelgood says:


    would be pleased to be chosen for a win!

    Thanks 🙂

  32. Christopher U says:

    Very cool! I hear it pairs well with 1010’s Blackbox!

  33. Matthew Park says:

    I’d love to win, I’m a big fan of this!

  34. Justin says:

    Formidable mixer that goes well with their Blackbox sampler device.

  35. Tguyfr says:

    I feel Blue…

  36. Al F says:

    Fantastic little machine 🙂

  37. Michael Twomey says:

    I’d love to win this, love 1010’s stuff!

  38. Max Richardson says:

    I’d love to enter! Fingers crossed – one off the list for Santa Claus! 😉

  39. Melissa Bell says:

    Wooo! Thank you 🙂

  40. jacques-jérôme martinez says:

    Great prize ! thx :p

  41. Liam S says:

    I’ve been so curious about these little boxes. They seem too good to be true…

  42. Please add me to the hopeful list. Cheers.

  43. Connor Thorpe says:

    I wanna win this! I never win anything!

  44. Gregg Crowley says:

    Good luck everybody!

  45. Sean Halas says:

    Oh man, I have been trying to save up for one of these for several months without success. Maybe it’s my lucky day 🙂

  46. Yada says:

    Good Luck ! 😉

  47. Morris says:

    Want or need?
    Something in between.
    Cool box!

  48. Kevin Sutherland says:

    Would love to win… 🙂

  49. Nick says:

    This looks so rad!

  50. Pedro says:

    Bluebox dream 💭🤤🙏🏽💜

  51. Mike Poon says:

    Definitely yes please

  52. Erik St.Don says:

    Let’s hope I have good luck!

  53. Scott Meisburger says:


  54. Andrew Nguyen says:

    I like it ! Thanks Gearnews!

  55. j cabral says:


  56. Victor Ugalde says:

    Good luck to everyone! and merry christmas!

  57. Peter Teipe says:

    Music software in general has been working me lately trying to keep it all functional. I honestly would welcome this hardware into my studio

  58. Anton says:

    I am feeling somewhat blue … Never thought about a “hardware DAW”, so I would gibe it a try. 🙂

  59. Timo says:

    I’d love one of those! It would fit in nicely with my Deluge and Volcas.

  60. Jon Ellingsen says:

    This will be perfect for recording Whitney Houston covers.

  61. Mark Dek says:

    The blue box is the perfect solution for making my tiny studio DAWless, but it is wayyyy out of my budget…
    Sign me up!

  62. B.Tenow says:

    Yeah – I’m in.. Good luck everyone

  63. Pietro Maffei says:

    Love this Bluebox mixer/recorder from 1010

  64. Ageezz says:

    I am in – had my eye on one of these for a long time.

  65. Boe says:

    Wow! Wanted to check one out for quite some time. Thanks for raffle!

  66. Dan says:

    The Bluebox looks great – fingers crossed for a win! 😁

  67. michael says:

    this looks like a lot of fun

  68. Timo says:

    This would fit great in my (home)studio!

  69. Joseph Harper says:

    I’m in… alea jacta est

  70. Robin says:

    I summon thee, Τύχη!

  71. Errol Kern says:

    The ultimate solution for portable connectivity and recording sans DAW! I need it

  72. chad says:

    I’d love to try this!

  73. TomC says:

    whoohoo, more portable magic from 1010 music 🙂

  74. Would love to get in to the 1010 world with this, love what I have seen from them and how they are making music work in a simple way.

  75. Daniel says:

    Oh dear! I want this Bluebox so much! It’s been on my Reverb cart so many times, and I have failed to push the Purchase button!

  76. Andrew Hensley says:

    Free Stuff for no money? Yes, please.

  77. Oliver says:

    That’s that kind of thing I am missing here in my setup.

  78. Mariusz says:

    Great! I always wanted to try it.

  79. Jochen says:

    Yeah! bluebox – that would fit perfect to my eurorack.

  80. Sleep Chamber says:

    This sweet little thing makes me horny in the underground…

  81. Ben Francis says:

    Would love to win one of those! Thinking of all the mediocre songs I could produce only for my girlfriend to then tell me it sounds a bit like *insert generic artist name*

  82. Desmond Faassen says:

    The #1 december raffle blue box would be great for my little studio! 😊

  83. JayBee says:

    Yeahh, would be really cool to get one.

  84. ravenfrost says:

    I wanna win the thing too 😀

  85. Jürgen Brauckmann says:

    Fingers crossed

  86. Radu Sover says:

    Cool raffle !!!

  87. Ryan Greget says:

    Thanks for the contest

  88. René Andrade says:

    here for the contest

  89. Ilker Isikyakar says:


  90. Ville says:

    Very cool, would love to participate.

  91. Klaas Visser says:

    Love to make my hands dirty on these knob’s…
    10 out of 10!!!!!

  92. Elisheva Thoreen says:

    I would LOVE this recorder.

    I’m still trying to rebuild by collection after my ex-wife destroyed all of my equipment.

  93. RT says:

    Nice box Thank you

  94. Sascha Gogl says:

    It would be amazing to have that cute little box! 🙂

  95. Dogtagnl says:

    Great action! blue box would be nice next to my Blackbox ;-p

  96. Smute says:

    Yes please 😃

  97. Guy Ben Natan Grill says:

    Me and my daughters would love this prize. Count me in 😄

  98. hel1 says:

    well, why not, what a lovely idea!

  99. Philipp says:


  100. Locke says:

    Realy nice outbosrd euromixer

  101. Alin says:

    Would be nice 🙂

  102. Matt Jones says:

    Ooh, would love to win one of these.
    Gearnews is the best!

  103. Austin Kelly says:

    Yes I would like to win this

  104. rebekah says:

    please let me win this

  105. NF says:

    Random comment here. Good luck to all!

  106. Paul says:

    All I want for Christmas is a little Bluebox

  107. Zano says:


  108. Sam Harris says:

    I’ve wanted a mixer for awhile so I can finally start making music so why not try my luck.

  109. Echo Rose says:

    This is a comment

  110. Pascal Collins says:

    Winning this would be so cool =)

  111. Kimme Utsi says:

    Here’s my entry for the raffle…

  112. Peter Homoki says:

    this gear is nice blue

  113. A.M. says:

    throwin in the electronic dice!!!!

  114. anton says:


  115. Paul Boos says:

    I’d love to win this… It would really help my music production…

  116. Patrick Whited says:

    Good luck to everyone!

  117. Samuel Barnes says:

    Wow, this would be an awesome Christmas gift. Such a great competition.

  118. Bob says:

    This would definitely hold a nice place in my music making process!

  119. Robin says:

    Thank you Gear News!

  120. Mark says:

    Ooo lovely looking machine! Please count me in!

  121. Johan says:

    Lucky Lucky Lucky 🍀

  122. Patrik says:

    Oh, boy, oh, boy. That looks REALLY nice!

  123. Rob W says:

    Awesome prize!

  124. Kirk Mccririe-Hallman says:

    Great bit of kit

  125. Hendrik says:

    Nice 🙂

  126. Ronan McGoldrick says:

    Fantastic prize!

  127. lairyboy says:

    What a fantastic piece of kit for a prize. Good luck everyone.

  128. Andreas says:

    Would be a great solution for my stuff!

  129. Luis Mascaro says:

    What a fantastic device!

  130. Seb says:

    Would definitely love to win a Bluebox!

  131. Felix.S says:

    Oh Fortuna, smile on me 😁

  132. Scott Biggs says:

    Would love to win this. Would make a great mate to my Blackbox. Thank you!

  133. Scott says:

    Love to use a little Bluebox.

  134. Christoph Lehmann says:

    Yes please! 🙂 I could really use this

  135. Soundunit says:

    Would be a great Christmas gift to me…just saying

  136. Kristof Smets says:

    It would be a nice companion for my Blackbox 🔵⚫
    Great work 1010 music, thx Gearbox for organizing the giveaway! 👊🏻🎶

  137. Rafał says:

    Great 🙂

  138. Ronen says:

    The most useful recorder. Would love to have it

  139. Carlin morris says:

    Amazing piece of kit! 🤌🙌👍

  140. Mark Lucas says:

    Bluebox is awesome!

  141. Finbar says:

    Would absolutely love to win this 😀

  142. Exper says:

    This would be great to win. I’ve been looking at getting one.

  143. Jan says:

    Let’s do this.

  144. David Acosta says:

    I would love to have this 1010 music machine. Hope i’m the one!

  145. Ricardo Peixoto says:

    Great! Good luck everyone. Stay safe.

  146. BigStu says:

    Awesome mixer, awesome raffle!

  147. Tee Mc says:


  148. José Silva says:

    Would be nice to have two 😉

  149. BG says:

    Thanks for it!

  150. Guido says:

    Fingers crossed!

  151. Matteo says:

    The blue box is such an impressive mixer for the size 🙂

  152. Davey Pierce says:

    I need one of these! Fingers crossed!

  153. Ron Cherry says:

    Absolutely love my Blackbox, I would love to have a Bluebox to go with it! Sign me up!

  154. Josiah says:

    These are beasts! I’m in!

  155. Sandesh says:

    Thankyou Gearnews

  156. Juha Nieminen says:

    Now this would be an amazing birthday present for myself. 😁

  157. Derek Sasaki says:

    This is a killer giveaway ! Stoked !

  158. Dion Eaby-Lomas says:

    This is such a cool competition. I love these little things

  159. Ionel says:

    Great way to end the year and start the new one. Good luck!

  160. Sergio says:

    It would be awesome to be selected!!

  161. Diego says:

    A full-featured live battle-mixer packed a in an amazing little box!

  162. Ivan Shopov says:

    Big ups!

  163. Yannis Hatzi says:

    Very generous of you! I love take my chance. Cheers!

  164. Léo Reber says:

    I am participating !

  165. Peter says:

    Got to be in it to win it.

  166. Jonathan Dürr says:

    Pleaseee 🙂

  167. James Stiff says:

    I’d love a 1010 Bluebox!

  168. Steve Pile says:

    Good Luck, Everyone… But I REALLY need this, so, I hope I win 🙂

  169. Cris says:

    That minimal design and color worth the price. Love it.

  170. Michael says:

    Lets Win!

  171. Alexander Widerberg says:

    Would be a perfect christmas gift for me 🙂

  172. Mink Steekelenburg says:

    Oooh I’d love to win it! Seems like a perfect portable and small digital mixer for my live setup 🙂

  173. Nicola Pedroni says:

    Let’s try!!!

  174. Sir says:

    It would be so cool!

  175. Artur Rebajn says:

    Win a Bluebox Digital Mixer/Recorder by 1010 Music!

  176. Préaux says:

    Hello Santa Claus! How are you doing today?

  177. Vincent E. L. says:

    Space being an issue for me, I could very easily see a little thing like that be very useful…

  178. and here comes my entry to the raffle

  179. Already loving 1010music, but let’s try 🙂

  180. Kai says:

    I’d love to win this little gem!

  181. Pete says:

    Let’s give it a try

  182. Mozy says:

    Count me in! Fingers crossed

  183. Ruan Kane says:

    Great prize, fingers crossed!

  184. Edo_Sad says:

    I will not win

  185. Andrew Mayer says:

    Nice ! Would love to win this.

  186. Antonin Carette says:

    This is so cool!

  187. Raine Mustonen says:

    I like all things blue🥶

  188. Pavel says:

    I’m in!

  189. WwwwoooowwwW !
    I already bought the Black Box and would love to win this blue one !!!! Cheers.

  190. KcMS says:

    Please and thanks 😉

  191. Andy Callaby says:

    Fingers and toes crossed

  192. Philippe Worthington says:

    oh wow fingers crossed!

  193. Mark McKeever says:

    Me too!

  194. D Sal says:

    Let’s go!! Always wanted this thing!

  195. Steve says:

    What a great prize! Count me in 🙂

  196. Wiktor Manczarski says:

    Me also!

  197. David Abramoshvili says:

    I believe in miracles!

  198. Max Kaufman says:

    Woooooo! Bluebox!

  199. Tom Verschooten says:

    In for the win! 🙂

  200. Cameron Eddy says:

    I’m In!

  201. DS says:

    01001100 01100101 01110100 00100111 01110011 00100000 01100111 01101111 00100001

  202. Michael Perkins says:

    Thanks, good luck all!

  203. Jeremy says:

    Heck yeah I want to win. The bluebox is a masterpiece.

  204. mhc says:

    Oh my … me want it !!!

  205. Buddy says:

    What an awesome Little Box. Thanks Gearnews for this! 🙂

  206. Benedek Suri says:

    Would be nice to use this stuff

  207. Hayden says:

    UwU bluebox

  208. Pat Brady says:

    Wow! Would love one of these.

  209. Laszlo Haffner says:

    Yes, please!

  210. Laszlo Haffner says:


  211. anxnox says:


  212. Ajax Blak says:

    thank you for the opportunity to win a cool piece of kit.

  213. Michael says:

    Ooof… definitely a must-have!

  214. Miklós Harmat says:

    Yeah! bluebox

  215. SevenSoulsSevenSeas says:

    All righty then!! 🙌

  216. maxxy says:


  217. Mark Whittaker says:

    Dear Santa, Please could you give me a 1010 Music Blue Box Mixer/Recorder for Christmas. Thank you, Mark

  218. Matt Langthorne says:

    Merry Christmas

  219. Tactilitus says:

    To be DAWless is the way to be free
    (Of ever more redundant pc’s and os’s)

  220. Kak Bandera says:

    1010 bluebox enthusiasm

  221. Simon says:

    Had my eye on a Bluebox 1010 for a while. Great prize.

  222. Brian Hodges says:

    Looks like a fantastic tool

  223. J Fisher says:

    Good luck to all entered!

  224. Andreas Fuglsang says:

    Starting to build my own studio and this would help in so many ways!

  225. bernard wong says:

    please let me win. or bring back euroshield. i’d be tickled with either!

  226. McKnight says:

    I could definitely use this. Pick me 🙂

  227. Adrian Wong says:

    Goodluck everyone! Fingers crossed

  228. Patrick Mattingly says:

    Enter me!

  229. Brian Martin says:

    I love a good raffle!

  230. Roy copeland says:

    Nice,just saw a demo of this..

  231. Mike Dalton says:

    Awesome giveaway guys! Definitely count me in!

  232. CHRIS BARRETT says:

    Love to add more 1010 to my set up, I’mi n!

  233. Konstantin says:

    wow, nice.

  234. Pit says:

    Would love to play with this….

  235. Eric says:

    12 tracks!? That’s cool.

  236. Philippe L.S says:

    This is great! Would love to win this!

  237. Luca says:

    I’m in!

  238. Salvo Rizzo says:

    I need It!

  239. Alexander Ivanov says:

    Ready for new mixer!

  240. Sergio Badilla says:

    Oh Universe, let me be the winner ! 😉

  241. D Driver says:

    Give unto thee, thy BB.

  242. vinny says:

    I beg!

  243. chevyone says:

    I’ve always want it to run my Dawless sessions. 🙌🏻

  244. Paul says:

    Great unit. Would love to win.

  245. John says:

    Yes please!

  246. Ian R says:

    Yes please!

  247. Chas Carter says:

    These little things are so cool!

  248. Dave Maddy says:

    Rock N Roll !!!

  249. I’m blue about this …

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