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Kickstarter Frantone Cream Puff fuzz pedal

Return of the Cream Puff  ·  Source:

Campaign Kickstarter Frantone Cream Puff fuzz pedal

Kickstarter Campaign Frantone Cream Puff fuzz pedal  ·  Source:


Blanche Frantone of the now semi-defunct Frantone Pedals pedals in the USA has started a Kickstarter campaign to help bring back this much loved Cream Puff fuzz box from the dead. 


Around 2009, the company folded (or disappeared, depending on your definition) and now Blanche is appealing to all the Frantone pedal fans to help her get the company back up and running. A few of the boutique manufacturers have tried this with some success; some have had zero success (the infamous 2015 Devi-Ever debacle comes to mind here – Google it, it’s comedy gold).

I actually owned a Cream Puff for a few years and would say its a nice fuzz pedal, although I found it a little too bass heavy in a band scenario and so sold mine. The Frantone pedals were always famous for the Peach Fuzz and the Cream Puff, so prices on auction sites have gone into overdrive since the company folded (sorry, went into hiatus) back in 2009. This new incarnation of the company via Kickstarter is an interesting turn up for the books, and one which I will watch very closely, as I have a soft spot for their pedals. Yes, I really do love a good fuzz box!

The original Frantone Cream Puff won the Guitar One Pick Award in March 2003, when it was first released and has a bit of a cult following with fuzz pedal geeks like myself. I do hope the company starts up again fully and gets back to building their old designs and hopefully some new ones as well. All Frantone products are made by hand and the one I owned was beautifully put together and finished. The Peach Fuzz had a similar Kickstarter campaign back in January and they all sold out very quickly, so its possibly an indication of what will happen with this new campaign as well.

You can pledge various amounts or pay the full amount and get a Cream Puff pedal. Good luck, Frantone! All of us at look forward to seeing you rise again!

RRP USD $295

Frantone Cream Puff specification: Frantone Pedals








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Kickstarter Frantone Cream Puff fuzz pedal

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