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Free The Tone Flight Time FT-2Y delay pedal

Free The Tone Flight Time FT-2Y delay pedal  ·  Source: Free The Tone


Free The Tone’s new Flight Time FT-2Y is the second incarnation of one of the most popular boutique delay pedals to be made in recent years. How can they improve on this quality delay?


Version 2

This new update brings us some useful new features which have been requested by existing customers. Remember this is the delay pedal of choice for many session guitar players and also big names like David Gilmour, so it was already pretty highly specified to start off with.

They state that the analogue circuit has been improved, as has the digital control of the pedal and they have also improved the power supply that comes with the Flight Time. No specifics here, but it has all been done to improve signal path and tone, so no complaints there.

Now they have also added the following new functions – You can now switch between instrument and line level on the input stage of the FT-2Y, which is about time as it means it will sit nicely in all styles of amp effects loops, thus making it far more flexible in where it can be placed in your rig.

Next up you now have instantaneous preset switching, this allows the player to switch from between Preset 1 and Preset 2 with no delay (pardon the pun). Then last of the new features is you can now use MIDI out to do a data dump of your presets, this allows you to backup any cool patches you have made and store them on your external storage, I am assuming via either a sequencer in a DAW or software. Again, I haven’t any clarity on the specifics of this at the time of writing.


Worth the wait?

I think so, although I would have loved to have seen the Flight Time FT-2Y finally become stereo, as that would have been my most requested feature if asked. However they are great pedals and if you ahve never played through one, you really should, becasue they are a very musical effect pedal and tons of fun to use.

Might be time to pick up a version one, which were discontinued at the end of 2016 for a discount, just saying…

RRP USD 420 – available from 23rd June 2017

Free the Tone  Flight Time FT-2Y product page


Free The Tone Flight Time FT-2Y delay pedal

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