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Evo Channel

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There’s no shortage of channel strip plug-ins out there, but this one caught our attention because it’s affordable, looks great, and packs plenty of processing power. Meet Evo Channel by developer Flux. It comprises an overdrive, phase corrector, compressor, EQ, desser, expander, transient/sustain designer, and other processors. Let’s have a deeper look!


Signal Drive
EVO Channel has a signal Drive component for adding warmth and saturation at the input gain stage. The goal is making music sound livelier by adding energy and excitement.

The plug-in offers arbitrary and linear phase rotation through the frequency spectrum, letting you simulate the effect of moving around a microphone. FLUX claims linear phase correction with zero latency, which is certainly bold.

EQ & Analyzer
EVO Channel features a 4-band parametric equalizer with low/high shelf filtering and 6-24dB low/high cut filter. The EQ curve is laid over the Spectrum Analyzer, which originates from FLUX’s Pure Analyzer plug-in and has been optimized for the channel strip.

The compressor in EVO Channel boasts nine compression modes and a Wet/Dry control which allows for in-module parallel compression.


Multichannel & ambisonics support
The channel strip can handle Dolby Atmos with up to 10 channels, as well as third-order Ambisonics with up to 16 channels and high-res DSD audio at up to 384kHz.

Overall, this is a compelling multi-processor that’s available for a very fair price — EUR 130 / USD 150. Additionally, a 50% academic discount can be had. You can judge the quality of the processors from the video below, listen to demo samples on the product page, or download a trial version. In the meantime, check out the recently released Kazrog KClip 3, which is much lighter on eye candy, but it’s also a powerful and cheap master bus processor in its own right.

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Evo Channel

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