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Retro Fit Floyd Rose trem system

New for 2016 The Floyd Rose Rail Tail trem system upgrade for Strat style guitars.  ·  Source:


Floyd Rose’s new Rail Tail Tremolo is a dive-only tremolo designed to retrofit your existing Stratocaster-style 6-point tremolo. It’s designed to fit your guitar with no modifications, like routing, meaning you won’t have to butcher your favourite instrument to install it. The system looks beautifully made, and Floyd Rose say it was designed using computers and then precision-machined.


First things first: I have a confession to make. My two favourite tremolo systems (excluding the regular Strat trem) are the Fender Jazzmaster/Jaguar ones and the classic ‘80s Floyd Rose locking systems. Now, I know these are almost polar opposites in terms of what they have to offer. I like them both because I find they are really musical in their own ways. Of course, I do love a Strat tremolo system as well (though I may never sound as amazing as Jeff Beck and the way he uses his Strat tremolo).

One of the ideas behind this system is the ability to  ‘dive bomb’, with another 15 degrees worth of downwards travel compared to a traditional Strat tremolo system. Floyd Rose also say they have designed it to have a greater area of contact and so hopefully better tonal qualities, due to better vibrational transfer to the guitar’s body. It should be very interesting to hear what these sound like.

Now, as this is a new product I have yet to try one out myself. They will apparently have some at the NAMM show in January 2016. But I have always loved how Floyd Rose have made their trem systems. The Floyd Rose locking systems on my own guitars are, I find, almost works of art in engineering terms. So I’m hoping that this new system has the same level of attention to detail as my current Floyd Rose trems.

On paper it looks (and should sound) like this product can interface modern hardware with an instrument that was designed in the ‘50s.


I have linked to a YouTube video below so that you can check out the mechanism and see the details of how it works. The new Rail Tail will be available in various finishes, so you can find one to fit your guitar’s look as well. No pricing has been announced yet, so keep checking Floyd Rose’s webpage for updates. The Rail Tail should be available early next year.

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Retro Fit Floyd Rose trem system

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