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iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad,Fender Tune

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Fender has launched Fender Tune, a free app that does what it says and is designed to make tuning your guitar or bass easier. Available from the iTunes App Store, the new Fender Tune will run on either iPhone or iPad.


First of many

Fender has said this will be the first of many new digital products from the Californian company. Granted, they have been a little slow out of the gate when compared to other companies in getting their stuff onto our smartphones and tablets, but this new product looks well thought out and they have designed it for users at all levels.

Open Tune

The app allows you to either tune manually or use the auto-tune mode. Here, the app picks up the string you are playing and attempts to get it in tune. That’s handy for when you have your hands full of guitar. I like that they have also included twenty-two standard open tunings to choose from, and that it can handle both bass or guitar.

You can also create you own custom tunings and save them on your Fender Connect personal profile, so this is a neat little feature if you like to experiment with your instruments.


At the time of release, the Fender Tune app is only available on Apple iOS and not Android. This is a pity as not everyone owns an Apple device, but hopefully the company will develop their new digital products for both platforms in the future.

Of course, there is already a lot of competition in the marketplace already for tuners. In fact, Boss only just released a free tuner app a little while ago and they are known for making one of the most popular pedal tuners.

Other companies have tried and failed to get this right, so I’m hoping Fender have learnt from the mistakes of others. I really do like the clean-looking interface of this new app and am looking forward to seeing what else Fender will come up with in terms of apps.


Price – Free download

Requires iOS 8.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Fender Tune – see full details here

Apple iTunes Store – download


iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad,Fender Tune

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