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Fender Play free 3 month membership

Fender Play free 3 month membership  ·  Source: Fender


Fender is offering a special code that gives budding guitarists and pro players alike free access to its online tuition service Fender Play. 


Grab your code!

The online Fender Play platform uses instructor-guided videos. Grab a code here to give you 3 months access for free, starting today. When you start your 3 month membership, be sure to have any ad blocking software turned off, or you will not be able to see your access code.

They have free online guitar, bass and ukulele lessons for a limited time. So you’ll need to sign up asap.

You can access as much content as you like for the 3 month duration and the site will ask you what styles of music you are interested in when you create your free account.

Fender Play free 3 month membership

Fender Play free 3 month membership

First 100k only

This offer is limited to the first 100k people and so you will need to sign up sooner rather than later or you could miss out. It’s a great opportunity to get you help get your guitar chops on point!

The service does not ask you for any card details and so there is no fear of getting accidentally charged for a subscription once your 3 months are up. I’m in self-isolation and I’m determined to put in some effort in the next few weeks to practise my guitar playing using this deal. I’m sure it’ll be a useful way of occupying my time.

Once you have redeemed your code you can download the app via Google Play or App Store and sign into your account. Or you can just access it on your PC or Mac web browser, if you want a large screen experience.


Currently there are over 2.5k lessons on the site, so there should be something for everyone in amongst all those hours of learning.

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Fender Play free 3 month membership

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9 responses to “Fender Play is free for 3 months, get your access code today.”

    Cort says:

    Meanwhile, Gibson has ordered 100,000 guitarists to cease and desist.

    aaa says:

    I’m dissapointed with Fender Play. The lessons are for very beginners only. I consider myself a medium level player and I’ve found nothing new I could learn.

      Cort says:

      You’re complaining that lessons aimed at people taking up guitar are targeted at people learning to play guitar? The banner on most of the marketing quite literally says “Learn to play guitar online”, with repeated statements about brand new players, first time guitar buyers, etc.

    Maxum says:

    I can’t get me code. Is there another way to get it?

      Jef says:

      Have you got an ad blocker on? As that will stop it. I just got one here- LR2ST545059 so you could try using that one, as I already have an account for the trial.

    linda euashka says:

    saw it on tv changed my security settings and still no code for 3 months free. i have been on covid lockdown and thought id start on my bucket list. So wheres the 3 month free they said you extended through 2020.

    Jamie Wing says:

    I purchased a squire affinty pj pack at guitar center in Beaverton, Oregon. It came with a free fwnder play card for 3 months. I had lessons for 1 week. An icestorm knocked out our electric power, preventing me from using fener play. I have tried to reddem this, but have been refused because it won’y accept the pre code number on the the free fender play gift card. How do I reddem fender plat that came with the bass pack?

    Ricardo Castillo says:

    I have a “Free Online Guitar Lessons” for 3 months. When I tried to scratch off where the code is the paper with the code stuck to the tape I only have the last 5 numbers. Can someone help me?

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