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music2me online guitar and piano lessons

music2me: online guitar and piano lessons  ·  Source: music2me

Has there ever been a better time to learn guitar or piano online, or brush up your skills? Online lessons are a perfect way to pass the time as you’re sitting at home, and music2me is currently offering an amazing deal. They’re giving away a limited number of 6-month subscriptions for just £1. Yes, one pound for six months.

Get music2me for next to nothing

Got the blues while you’re self-isolating? Learning to play guitar or piano online is a great way to defeat Corona depression. And with a deal as sweet as music2me’s Stay@Home Special, there really is no excuse. Six months of lessons for just £1 – you won’t find that anywhere else. But there’s only a limited number of subscriptions available, so you’ll have to be quick.

Music2me offers a wide selection of online guitar and piano lessons for beginners and advanced players. Their lessons cover a variety of genres. Whether you’re just starting out or would like to get back in the groove, music2me offers the right lesson for your level of playing. Courses are designed by experienced teachers, who show you their techniques and let you in on their secrets in high-quality videos. You can adjust the tempo and put sections on repeat to focus on details. And if you have questions, the teachers will answer them from their home office. That’s a big improvement over the anonymous online courses of the past!

Prices and info

The music2me Guitar Stay@HomeSpecial is available at* for just £1, down from £72.

The music2me Piano Stay@HomeSpecial is also available from* for £1.

Both plans are valid for six months of online lessons. After that, you’ll have the option to renew your subscription. The lessons use a browser-based web interface, which is compatible with Windows and Mac computers, iPads, tablets, iPhones, and Android devices.

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