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Chordelia, Guitar, Em, Am, G, D,C

Chordelia  ·  Source:

ChordeliaGuitar, Em, Am, G, D,C

Chordelia  ·  Source:

ChordeliaGuitar, Em, Am, G, D,C

Chordelia  ·  Source:

Chordelia is a contraption that you strap to your guitar’s neck and it can mechanically hold down the notes for you. The current version can do five different chords. So since rock’n’roll only needs three then you should be fine to write you magnum opus using this.


Well, not every one is nimble fingered or has time to learn an instrument (I’m being polite here). Of course you may want to encourage children to join in and get them interested in learning to play the guitar. Either way it’s nice to have options and this certainly does open up the guitar to beginners.


The Chordelia has a series of little ‘virtual’ fingers that are triggered by the five paddles, one for each chord. Apparently there might be a 7-chord version in the near future as well. They are all hand made and so aren’t exactly cheap, though they do look nicely made and so should last. They are made of wood / metal and not cheap plastic, so hopefully will be fairly durable.


You get the following chords at your disposal  G, C, D. Em and Am, so plenty of songs can be played using this set of Major and minor chords. They even list a few songs on their website that you can play along to using the Chordelia.

Chordelia, Guitar, Em, Am, G, D,C


But, why again?

Well, we aren’t all made equal and this could be a fantastic product for someone that has suffered an injury or perhaps has a debilitating condition like Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I could also see there being some benefits for young children that have yet to build up the finger strength to play the guitar.

It certainly an oddity, perhaps more of a ‘labour of love’ or ‘guy in a shed makes odd guitar contraption, then markets it’ kind of thing. I think someone should gift one to Lil Wayne, as he certainly could do with some help with his playing…

RRP EUR €200 + shipping.

Chordelia details and ordering here: site

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