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Boss Pocket GT

Boss Pocket GT and smart phone  ·  Source: Boss

Boss Pocket GT

Boss Pocket GT  ·  Source: Boss

Boss Pocket GT

Boss Pocket GT  ·  Source: Boss


The new Boss Pocket GT is a lot of things. It’s a multi-effects unit based on the GT-1 sound engine, with 100 amps and effects. But it’s also a guitar learning system. And a recording interface. Yup, this thing has a barrage of features that seem very well thought out. Is Boss’ new gadget going to change learning guitar forever? 


Boss Pocket GT

Let’s break down what the Boss Pocket GT is offering. First, it’s a pocket-sized guitar tone modelling box that uses the tried and tested GT-1 sound engine to generate guitar tones that can be stored to any one of 99 user presets.

Second, it’s a guitar learning tool. Its heart is the Boss Tone Studio app that incorporates a YouTube browser. The Pocket GT makes using learning videos easier by giving you transport controls as physical buttons, rather than tapping about on the tiny little buttons on your phone. You can even create YouTube playlists for instant recall, then use these to work on songs and even loop phrases you need to study. So you’re getting the ability to playback and work with learning videos, paired with a guitar tone shaping device you can take anywhere.

Boss Pocket GT. with presets, BlueTooth and YouTube streaming

Boss Pocket GT with presets, BlueTooth and YouTube streaming via an app for your phone

BOSS Tone Studio

There’s more. You also get Bluetooth and an Aux In for connectivity. Another neat feature is that you can use the Pocket GT as an audio interface to send your guitar sounds to your DAW when working on song ideas. The BOSS Tone Studio app works with iOS/Android/Mac/Windows and so it covers all bases, making this product a useful addition to your arsenal.

This unit appears to have all you need for practise, song creation and of course all those guitar amps and effects. And it combines them in genuinely interesting new ways. Could this be a new direction for how guitar gear makers build clever, integrated guitar learning tools in the future? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

The Pocket GT should be hitting the street in early October. Check out the video below for a quick functional overview.

RRP – USD 249.99

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4 responses to “Will Boss Pocket GT revolutionise how we learn electric guitar?”

  1. DamDoc says:

    Can you direct connect this to AirPod pro’s instead of using wired headset?

    • Robert Wood says:

      Bluetooth headphones (like Apple’s AirPods) have far too much latency for guitar playing. Boss do sell the Waza Air system, that provides workable wireless headphones, at a fairly hefty price. If they had incorporated wireless input and/or output into this device it would be killer – but maybe too expensive.

  2. David Brusegard says:

    What is the sound quality when using the headphone jack to connect to an amp or pa speaker?

  3. Onesy says:

    How would I connect this to my iphone or iPad and record what I’m playing whilst also using headphones to that device as a monitor?

    I actually have Waza-air (no audio out so that’s annoying) and pocket gt so I thought maybe I’d be able to use an irig and Bluetooth audio to the Waza-air into a looping app on iPhone and/or iPad but it doesn’t seem to work that way and I can’t quite figure out how to go about this haha

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