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Boss WL-Series Wireless Systems

Boss WL-Series Wireless Systems  ·  Source: Boss

Boss has announced its new WL-Series wireless transmitter systems for guitar. It’s a cable replacement for live work that looks compact and easy to use, making it a good solution for gigging musicians. But can it win out over other systems by the like of Line 6?

Boss WL-Series Wireless Systems

The WL-20 Wireless System looks very simple. The small transmitter plugs into the instrument and a matching receiver plugs into a pedal or your amp’s input. All three WL Series models set themselves up automatically when the transmitter and receiver components are docked together. Neat. The receiver includes cable tone simulation, which reproduces the natural capacitive effect of a 10-foot guitar cable, similar to the Line 6 Relay products. There is also the WL-20L version that has no cable tone simulation, so would be more suited for use with acoustic guitars and their built-in preamps.

The built-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery in the transmitter provides up to 12 hours of continuous use, Boss says, which should be plenty of time for most musicians. With features like an ultra-low latency of 2.3 ms and 50-foot range, these are pretty handy units for working musicians. You can even use simple charging with a standard USB adaptor as long as it is at least 5V.

Pedalboard Wireless

The WL-50 is better suited to pedalboards. It uses an integrated transmitter dock with two cable tone simulation options. The receiver is powered via a Boss PSA-type adapter or regular AA batteries. When run from an external power adapter, the receiver’s DC output can distribute power to one or more pedals on your board, a nice option for compact rigs.


The WL-T wireless transmitter can be purchased as a spare for use with a WL-20, WL-20L, or WL-50 system, or used with the Katana-Air wireless guitar amp. I had the opportunity to try the new Katana Air and wireless system out recently and it worked flawlessly, so I think these new WL-Series products could be a good solution for many players if the price is right.

If you’re shopping around for a compact wireless guitar, you could also check out competing solutions include the Boss Relay series and other offerings in lower price brackets like the Harley Benton AirBorne.


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