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Fender American Professiona

Fender American Professional lineup for 2017  ·  Source: the

Fender American Professiona

Fender American Professional lineup for 2017  ·  Source: the

Users on the popular UK-based guitar forum have been sharing pictures of a new, as yet unreleased Fender Pro Series of guitars. Details of the new instruments have been doing the rounds on many guitar forums ahead of a mooted release at NAMM 2017.

NAMM 2017 Fender Pro offset releases

I’ve seen talk over at the Offsetguitars and Strat Talk guitar forums as well and they all have been sharing details and images of the new Fender Pro Series line-up for NAMM 2017. As the launch isn’t officially until early next year, what will Fender make of all this?

The new Jazzmaster and Jaguar ranges come in some really cool colours. These seem to be getting many forum members pretty excited, as they do. I agree that they all look really cool in those greens and greys.

Fender American Pro Jazzmaster

Fender American Pro Jazzmaster

Spec-wise, Fender has removed all the mini switches and idiosyncrasies of both the offsets and replaced them with a 4-way switch on the Jaguar and a 3-way toggle on the Jazzmaster. I think these ideas have stemmed from the Artist model Johnny Marr Jaguar and Troy Van Leeuwen Jazzmaster models from recent years.

I own a TVL Jazzmaster and I really like the switch in that position for the Rhythm Circuit. It would appear, however, that these new Pro versions have no Rhythm Circuit at all, and the switch only selects the pickup, which seems a shame.

New hardware

Both guitars have new Mustang-style bridge saddles and a screw-in tremolo arm, which replaces the more traditional ‘push in’ style arm. Again, I have one of the screw-in types on my Fender Modern Player Jazzmaster and I find it works really well and stays in place easily.

Fender American Pro Jaguar

Fender American Pro Jaguar

What I really like is the new maple fretboards, which I think look really good set against those green metallic colours. It is the first thing that caught my eye on both the models and now I want one!


The Stratocasters and Telecasters will also likely see a revamp for 2017, also with some really nice colour schemes. But the biggest change is with both the offset guitars.

Fender American Pro Stratocaster

Fender American Pro Stratocaster

The American Pro Deluxe Tele with Shawbucker looks really good to my eye, though. It should make a lot of players happy, as Deluxe Telecasters are cool and once more in vogue.

Fender American Pro Telecaster Tele Deluxe

Fender American Pro Telecaster and Tele Deluxe

More Information…

There is not much in the way of official info as yet. But I will, of course, update you when we get some more information on these new models. For now, I would say head over to here and join in the conversation and sneak a peak at the new line-ups!



Of course, it’s now all official, so below I have added some of the new Fender promo videos for you all to drool over!

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I hate this tall and slim frets!!! Miss the medium jumbo 🙁