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New Fender American Original colours

New Fender American Original colours  ·  Source: Fender/Wikipedia


Fender has added a number of new finishes to its already popular American Original Series. The range launched two years ago and so a little extra colour is always welcome.


New splash of colour

Fender has added an Ice Blue Metallic ’60s Jazzmaster; an Inca Silver ’50s Stratocaster; a Daphne Blue ’60s Jaguar; a Burgundy Mist Metallic ’60s Telecaster; an Aztec Gold ’50s Precision Bass and a Vintage White ’70s Jazz Bass.

Ice Blue Metallic '60s Jazzmaster

Ice Blue Metallic ’60s Jazzmaster

Inca Silver '50s Stratocaster

Inca Silver ’50s Stratocaster

Daphne Blue '60s Jaguar

Daphne Blue ’60s Jaguar

Burgundy Mist Metallic '60s Telecaster

Burgundy Mist Metallic ’60s Telecaster

Aztec Gold '50s Precision Bass

Aztec Gold ’50s Precision Bass

Vintage White '70s Jazz Bass

Vintage White ’70s Jazz Bass



American Original Series

I think it’s great that Fender is revisiting some classic vintage Fender colours. But I think it’s a shame that they are only being introduced on specific models. However, to get six new colours is still a pretty decent offering and you should be able to pick them up via your authorised Fender dealer soon.

Which one would you buy?

In our recent poll about new US Fender models vs Gibson US models, the Fender ones certainly appeared to be the players favourites. Personally, I’m quite partial to the two offset models, as that pair of blue guitars has really caught me eye. Which one would you buy?

RRP – USD 1949 – USD 2149

More Information

Image Sources:
  • Ice Blue Metallic '60s Jazzmaster: Fender
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  • Daphne Blue '60s Jaguar: Fender
  • Burgundy Mist Metallic '60s Telecaster: Fender
  • Aztec Gold '50s Precision Bass: Fender
  • Vintage White '70s Jazz Bass: Fender
New Fender American Original colours

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    Jack Tripper says:

    I’d like to see that Aztec Gold on a Strat.

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