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Silverburst Fender Strat, Tele and Jazzmaster

Silverburst Fender Strat, Tele and Jazzmaster  ·  Source: Fender


Fender’s Mod Shop has just added a new option for your custom guitar: a Silverburst finish! What’s the big deal? This sought-after look was previously only available on a limited edition from 2017 with ebony fretboards. Now, you can order one whenever you like!


Fender’s Mod Shop has been around for some time now. As the name suggests, the idea is to let you choose from a range of options for your Fender guitar. They’ve recently added mahogany necks, something you don’t always associate with Fender.

Fender Silverburst Stratocaster

Fender Silverburst Stratocaster · Source: Fender


Silverburst is now on offer on all alder-bodied instruments. Now you can order your Stratocaster, Telecaster or Jazzmaster in this fetching colour scheme. Of course, finish is only one way the Mod Shop lets you customise your guitar to your own personal tastes, so prices will vary. When I tried configuring a few guitars via the online guitar builder, I found that this finish option came in at a pretty reasonable price.

Fender Silverburst Jazzmaster

Fender Silverburst Jazzmaster · Source: Fender


Personally, I’m pleased to see this new finish, It seems to have come back into vogue the last few years. Normally, you would associate Silverburst with Gibson and the late ’70s / early ’80s Les Paul Customs which are now regaining popularity. Adam Jones of Tool is known for playing one. I happen to own a Brent Hinds Epiphone Flying V Custom in Silverburst, and I love this finish anyway.

Fender Silverburst Telecaster

Fender Silverburst Telecaster · Source: Fender


If you want to design and customise your own Fender guitar, follow the link below to the Fender Mod Shop. It’s fun to click around building your own guitar, even if you’ve no intention of buying one.

RRP: A Silverburst Strat or Tele at American Professional specifications comes in at USD 1699, the Jazzmaster at USD 1799

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Silverburst Fender Strat, Tele and Jazzmaster

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