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Erica Synths Dual Drive and Drum Stereo Mixer

Erica Synths Dual Drive and Drum Stereo Mixer  ·  Source: Erica Synths


Two more modules have arrived from the awesome Techno System we saw back at Superbooth. This time it’s the two-channel Dual Drive distortion and the Drum Stereo Mixer.


Dual Drive

We all like a bit of distortion in our racks and the Dual Drive doubles down on that notion. It has two identical overdrive sections with adjustable gain and drive. You can select from three flavours of distortion to get the right amount of destruction. You can use these two overdrive sections independently, or with stereo signals or feed them into each other to reach some serious extremes. A built-in limiter does keep things under control – barely. Both gain and drive can be CV or manually controlled for added expression and modulation and there are LEDs to indicate overdrive level.

It’s aimed at drums as part of the Techno system but it can, of course, be used for anything. Sounds pretty brilliant to me. As with all the modules we’re seeing from this Techno System they are all well thought out, practical and instantly usable. There’s no experimental weirdness, they are straightforward modules to do a banging job.


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Drum Stereo Mixer

4 channels of stereo mixing – it’s as simple as that. Although it does have some tricks up its sleave. Firstly the first channel has a dedicated panning knob for either the stereo signal or a mono signal going into input 1L. Input 2 has a switch that can add a +6dB boost or turn it into two mono channels with a single volume control.

Erica Synths Stereo Mixer

Erica Synths Stereo Mixer

The Stereo Mixer pairs brilliantly with the stereo output of the Dual Drive and the forthcoming Dual FX module.

White panels?

Erica Synths webshop gives you the unexpected option of buying the modules with white front panels. I’ve not seen any images, mockups or photos of any of their modules in anything other than their blackest of blacks. So that’s a revelation. I reached out to Erica Synths and they sent me this image of the Bass Drum in white – nice!

Erica Synths Bass Drum in white

Erica Synths Bass Drum in white

The Dual Drive is available now for €200 and the Drum Stereo Mixer for €150.

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Erica Synths Dual Drive and Drum Stereo Mixer

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