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 ·  Source: equatoraudio.com

 ·  Source: equatoraudio.com


If you’re on the scout for a pair of low-priced but high-end-sounding monitors from a reputable manufacturer, then these D5’s from Equator Audio might just fit the bill. They’ve announced some design revisions which demonstrate the continued support for these unique little boxes, along with a special offer price until 1st March.


I haven’t heard the D5 monitor yet, which is a shame as I know others speak highly of them. There’s countless reviews from trusted sources that these are very good monitors considering their surprisingly low price point and small foot print. It’s always good when a manufacture re-visits an existing design as it shows a continued support and effort to keep pushing the limits of their technology.

There are a couple of interesting technologies at play in the D5 which aren’t found in any other studio monitor at this price range. Firstly there’s some wizardry at play in the form of DSP, designed to provide precise crossovers for their dual transducers, some EQ, phasing and time aligning. I’m not normally a fan of this approach, but reviews of this tech are very positive to the extent many comment that they can’t hear the DSP processing. Secondly, these are point source units with the tweeter residing in the middle of the 5″ woofer. This provides so many benefits to the sound, such as driver phase alignment and stereo imaging, despite the complications for design and manufacture. This gives me a huge urge to hear a pair.


2016 design improvements as listed on Equator Audio’s website are:

    • The port system has been redesigned to reduce chuffing and low-frequency distortion as well as improved servicability
    • The front fascia has been redesigned. The back has a new sealing process to prevent air leakage. The external edges of the front port/fascia have a more gradual radius. The internal port has been rerouted
    • The HF/LF transducer has been redesigned making it more sensitive and more efficient
    • The gap between the tweeter and the woofer has been tightened to reduce air leakage, which reduces low-frequency distortion and air turbulence
    • The HF tweeter wave guide has been re-seated to a more optimized position. This improves transparency by reducing high-frequency reflective artifacts
    • Mechanical improvements to the electronics have been made to avoid internal sympathetic vibrations. This reduces distortion and improves serviceability

This looks like a lot of well-thought out improvements and I’m keen to hear a pair. With a price of only 399 USD for a pair until the 1st March, it doesn’t look like you could go to far wrong. Very tempting!

More Information: http://www.equatoraudio.com

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