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Empress Effects Echosystem delay pedal

Empress Effects Echosystem delay pedal  ·  Source: Empress Effects


Empress Effects’ new Echosystem effects pedal should have just about every delay you require and some. If it holds what its maker promises in terms of sound quality, this might be a great fit for those that need a lot of space in one compact pedal.



With a decent amount of delay/echos on tap, the new Empress Effects Echosystem pedal should have just about everything you could ever need for your pedalboard in terms of delay effects.

36 effect algorithms

With the following modes below available to you, I reckon it will cover most bases for a gigging musician or those that like a lot of choices in the studio.

  • Digital
  • Tape
  • Analog
  • Multi
  • Mod
  • Filter
  • Ambient
  • Delay + Reverb
  • Dynamic
  • Reverse
  • Lo-Fi
  • Whisky

Control-wise you get the following: Delay Time/Ratio, Mix, Output, Feedback, Tone, Thing 1, and Thing 2. The Mode knob allows you to select which of those 12 effects you are tweaking. Thing 1 and 2 will be assigned to different parameters according to the preset chosen.

The Echosystem features 35 presets on board, all being generated by twin effects engines housed inside the pedal. That’s a lot of options, and the ability to add more presets via an internal SD Card slot on the pedal is another welcome addition. Two mono input/output jacks allow you to either run the pedal in stereo mode for panning or in plain old mono. The internal signal path is processed at 32 bits, with the A/D convertors running at 24 bit and 48kHz.

Buffer or Bypass?

The unit can be run either true-bypass or in buffered modes, plus the dry signal itself stays in an analogue signal path throughout the circuit, even when blended with the wet signal. Signal integrity is obviously a large part of good quality effects and having these options catered for will please a lot of players, I would imagine.


The Echosystem also includes MIDI capabilties that allow you to switch patches remotely, which is great for players with more complex rigs. A very professional piece of equipment, this one, and one that has a lot of useful options, so should be popular for those looking for a versatile delay in 2017.

RRP $449 due out 4th May (Star Wars Day…, very Spacey!)

Empress Effects Echosystem product page



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