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Only 200 pieces worldwide! Death By Audio Evil Fuzz

Only 200 pieces worldwide! Death By Audio Evil Fuzz  ·  Source: Death By Audio

Somewhere in Brooklyn, NY there is a laboratory where mad scientists cook up insane guitar effect pedals. It goes by the (fantastic) name of Death By Audio. Their pedals are usually not for the faint of heart and are used by artists such as Wilco, Xiu Xiu, The Flaming Lips and Lou Reed. Its latest creation is the Evil Fuzz, a limited edition and undercooked version of the larger Evil filter.

Death By Audio Evil Fuzz

Limited to only 200 units worldwide, the Evil Fuzz is based on the rough fuzz sound of the bigger Evil filter pedal. That sound has been incorporated into a smaller, laser etched case. The Evil Fuzz includes the same two fuzz circuits from the Evil Filter. These are combined with a simpler operating concept: there is only one controller for the fuzz output and one switch for selecting the waveform.


Death By Audio Evil Fuzz

Death By Audio Evil Fuzz

Square & Sinus

You can choose from two classic shapes: Square and Sinus. The Square mode is a (slightly) more restrained, dynamic fuzz tone. Although it has a lot of dirt, it can also serve as an overdrive when you back off with the volume pot of your guitar. In contrast, the Sinus mode is thicker and harder. A full-on dirty fuzz sound that delivers rich overtones at the limit.

RRP – The Death By Audio Evil Fuzz costs just EUR 179. That is if you can find one. The 200 pieces will probably all be sold out by the time you read this article!

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