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Cusack Pedal Cracker vocal effect preamp /loop pedal

Cusack Pedal Cracker vocal effect preamp /loop pedal  ·  Source: Cusack Music / Instagram

Cusack Pedal Cracker vocal effect preamp /loop pedal

Cusack Pedal Cracker vocal effect preamp /loop pedal  ·  Source:


Cusack’s new Pedal Cracker allows all you vocalists to feed your voice through a guitar effects pedal board, offering interesting ways of adding effects to your voice for live gigs. Could this be an alternative to dedicated vocal FX processors?


Pedal Board

The Pedal Cracker will route your microphone signal through the effects on your pedalboard using an effects send and return loop. It has a vocal preamp with +48v phantom power, a bypass switch as well as a ground lift. The concept is designed specifically to work with a regular set guitar of effects pedals.


The Gain, Wet and Dry controls set the levels and the mix of the Pedal Cracker. There’s also a three-way switch that controls how the pedal reacts. The Wet and Dry controls each have their own volume level, which is then used when you engage the different modes, Normal, Pre-send and Trails.

In Normal mode, the vocal passes through the guitar effect when the footswitch is enabled. In Pre-send mode it sends the signal  continuously to the loop but receives it only when you press it momentarily, so you can tap to activate wet effected signal immediately.

Finally, Trails mode disables the effect on the release of the momentary footswitch, useful for reverbs and delays.

Personally I think it’s a neat little unit. However, I would find it a bit of a pain to wire up on my pedalboard, as the XLR sockets all stick out the right-hand side, and if I want to have some advanced routing on my pedalboard with other looper pedals and A/B switches, then it could all start getting a bit messy pretty quickly.

I would probably consider a dedicated vocal effects processor myself unless I really had something unique on my pedalboard that I just had to sing through.

Cusack Pedal Cracker full specifications here

RRP USD $249


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