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Apple Logic Pro 11 arrives on May 13 with Logic Pro for iPad 2

Apple Logic Pro 11 arrives on May 13 with Logic Pro for iPad 2  ·  Source: Apple

Apple Logic Pro for iPad 2

Logic Pro for iPad 2  ·  Source: Apple

Apple Logic Pro 11 and Logic Pro for iPad 2

Apple Logic Pro 11 and Logic Pro for iPad 2  ·  Source: Apple


With Apple Logic Pro 11 and Logic Pro for iPad 2, you have a range of new creative features for song creation and production.


Now, Logic is equipped with a new Session Players feature, as well as a Stem Splitter function and the intuitive new ChromaGlow processor.

Apple Logic Pro 11 and Logic Pro for iPad 2

Exclusive to Apple’s M-series chips, Logic Pro users on MacOS and iPad have the help of studio assistant features. With Session Players, you now have a gang of instrumentals to join the Drummer plug-in.

These include Bass Player and Keyboard Player, two compositional tools to assist you in the creative aspect of writing any style of music, from Pop to RnB, Hip-Hop to Electronica.

  • Apple Logic Pro Bass Player
  • Apple Logic Pro Keyboard Player

Of the new AI-based generative instruments, Bass Player has been designed with top instrumentalists. Furthermore, it allows you to choose between eight different bassists. The instrument detects chord changes with Chord Track and its complexity and intensity controls give you the means to direct the dynamics.

In addition, there are parameters for articulations such as slides, mutes, dead notes, and pickup hits. Apart from the 100 new Bass Player loops, users also gain access to six new carefully sampled electric and acoustic basses.

Meanwhile, Keyboard Player offers a similar workflow to Bass Player. What’s more, you can select three different mic positions, and add pedal noise, key noise, release samples, and sympathetic resonance. Overall, these are exciting additions, especially if you start linking the generators to instruments they were never intended for such as synths and drum machines.


Stem Splitter

As many DJ apps have adapted stem-splitting features, it was only a matter of time before we saw the same technology in DAWs like Logic Pro. Now, with the click of a button, you can separate mixed audio files into four parts: Drums, Bass, Vocals, and Other instruments.

  • Apple Logic Pro 11 Stem Splitter
  • Apple Logic Pro 11 ChromaGlowSource: Apple-1024×565.jpg”/>

This is a revelation for producers who use samples in their beats. What this means, is that you can isolate the exact melodic part or groove element from a record, and incorporate it into your production.

Another exciting new prospect comes in the form of ChromaGlow, a saturation processor with an integrated AI engine. Here, you have five types of saturation and the parameters to shape and mold the texture of each sound.

Pricing and availability:

Both Logic Pro 11 and Logic Pro for iPad 2 are now available as free updates for current users. Meanwhile, Logic Pro pricing remains $199.99 on the App Store, with the iPad version available exclusively on monthly ($4.99) and annual ($49) subscriptions.

Logic Pro gives creatives everything they need to write, produce, and mix a great song, and our latest features take that creativity to a whole new level. Logic Pro’s new AI-backed updates, combined with the unparalleled performance of iPad, Mac, and M-series Apple silicon, provide creative pros with the best music creation experience in the industry.

Brent Chiu-Watson, Apple’s senior director of Apps Worldwide Product Marketing

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Apple Logic Pro 11 arrives on May 13 with Logic Pro for iPad 2

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5 responses to “Apple Logic Pro 11 and Logic Pro for iPad 2 are now available!”

    Ab. says:

    That’s very underwhelming for a major version.

    The bass and piano thing are decent addition (for some genres) but it’s more gimmicky than anything else (the drummer is a nice starting point… but that’s about it.)

    The stem thing can be a really creative tool although… most people just don’t use samples, and even less full mixes.

    And the “AI” distortion is just marketing BS. It’s probably alright, but it’s just a dirt plugin like so many others.

    All in all… it’s a marketing-focused release. Apple want to ride the AI hype and claim they have “AI” everywhere (that’s their strategy for all their products)… but there’s really nothing very interesting for musicians here.

    I wish they’d announced improvement on the Remote app or better mastering tools (to continue what they’ve started with the latest release). A good flagship synth would’ve been great too (because the old ones look like they belong in windows 2000)

      Anonymous says:

      I think it’s a solid release, stem splitter is worthy for a new version and I’ll take a new apple designed plugin included over paying for the same type of plugin third party any day. I only wonder if they are going to limit it again to m2 or all apple silicon macs.

    Diki Ross says:

    I just can’t believe that if you use Logic for iPad for more than four years, you will have paid more than you did for the full MacOS version!

    86crush says:

    Here’s the real answer. Order yourself an older Mac. Run Logic 9/Pro Studio and focus on making amazing music instead of AI-ridden convoluted garbage marketing scam/bloatware that is now Apple. Could have just made stellar improvements but instead jumped on the cool TikTok kids bus. Steve Jobs is GONE. GONE. GONE.

      Bob the Enforcer says:

      Need a hug? You know who else is dead? George Martin! Why don’t you get yourself an 8-track and focus on making music like your s’posed to.

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