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Sonic Studio, known for their soundBlade mastering software, have together with Legendary Audio released I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) plugin. It is designed to solve modern digital audio flaws that we all come across, such as distortions, poor clocking or substandard converters. I.C.E. certainly comes with pedigree via Sonic Studio’s programming team and Legendary Audio, which was co-founded by none other than Billy Stull and Rupert Neve. With all this background and a price tag to match, will this plugin be too cool for school?


Audio restoration has become more and more important, and fortunately technology has significantly developed in the last five years or so. With budgets slashed, studio time shorter than ever and tighter deadlines, there isn’t always the luxury to go back and re-record problematic audio files. Although I’m mostly a recording and mixing engineer, typically I spend time every day with iZotope’s RX software.

Reducing distortion was until recently considered impossible to achieve. However, technology such as iZotope’s RX has started to show otherwise, and I find this I.C.E. plugin fascinating. I will have to try this plugin next time I’m presented with an emergency! There are ‘wanted’ distortions such as those from valve equipment, but the digital domain often presents us with unwanted distortions. Sonic Studio claim that I.C.E. will solve numerous ‘flaws’ such as distortions, overloading and other undesired artefacts, in less destructive ways than EQ or dynamics processing. I’m very curious to find out how effective it is.

I.C.E. is available for Mac as an AU, VST or AAX plugin, and soon for Windows as a VST. I recommend running the trial version before parting with USD $289 + VAT.


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