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Death By Audio - Total Sonic Annihilation 2

Death By Audio - Total Sonic Annihilation 2  ·  Source: Death By Audio


Death By Audio’s new Total Sonic Annihilation 2 goes to extreme lengths to mangle your guitar’s signal. If you thought that their first pedal – the original Total Sonic Annihilation – was too tame, then this new updated version could be the one for you.


“Most insane pedal of all time”

Yes, that was the original tagline for the first iteration of the Death By Audio Total Sonic Annihilation. Now we DBA have announced an updated version and it brings with it new ways to destroy your guitar’s signal.

Ideally, you set up your pedalboard to so that the rest of your effects run through the effects loop of the Total Sonic Annihilation 2. Then you let it do its thing. In V2, the updated circuit design/signal path gives you active boost, phase switch and limiter effects. These will help you wrestle with the pedal’s somewhat unpredictable manipulations of your signal.

Not for the faint-hearted

Listen up. If you have a weak heart or a nervous disposition then I would not recommend the Total Sonic Annihilation 2 to you. However, if you are a balls-to-the-wall noise terrorist with aspirations towards sonic mayhem, then the chances are you will lap this one up.

If you are more the Friday Night Blues Jam down the ‘Dog & Duck’ kind of player, you will probably want to give this puppy a wide berth. Don’t believe me? Check out the official Death By Audio video below to see what I am harping on about.

Me, I think it is kind of cute and could be a lot of fun to ‘dick around with’ in the studio, but not sure I would pay the asking price for one myself. However, I certainly would not say no to trying one out sometime.

RRP – USD 250

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