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Meet the cleaner and more dynamic Chase Bliss Condor Hi-Fi

Meet the cleaner and more dynamic Chase Bliss Condor Hi-Fi  ·  Source: Chase Bliss


With the Preamp MKII power supply and new op amps, the Chase Bliss Condor Hi-Fi provides more headroom and dynamic range than ever.


If you’re unfamiliar with the Condor, it’s a versatile tone-shaping overdrive pedal with EQ and gain-boosting functionality. Chase Bliss has now taken this design to the next level with a new circuit board, giving the Condor Hi-Fi a cleaner signal path.

Chase Bliss Condor Hi-Fi

Apart from the slightly arty, minimalist faceplate redesign, the update brings two notable aspects to the party. For starters, the power supply has been swapped out for the one from the Preamp MKII, which offers increased headroom.

Also, the addition of the OPA1662 op amps results in lower overall noise level throughout the circuit and they create a characteristically contrasting clipping sound to the original Condor.

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The original Condor has a very gnarly clipping characteristic when it runs out of headroom and hits the power rails. I’ve called it “Power Rail Distortion” in the past. Condor HiFi does not do that, and clips in a more traditional way.

Joel Korte, founder, Chase Bliss

Pricing and availability:

You can order the Condor Hi-Fi directly from Chase Bliss for $399. Meanwhile, until May 31, Condor owners have the opportunity to upgrade their Condors with the new Hi-Fi circuit boards for just $49.

Chase Bliss Condor Hi-Fi
Condor Hi-Fi · Source: Chase Bliss

Be aware that stocks are limited, so only 1000 Condor Hi-Fi pedals are available for shipping and 1000 Hi-Fi circuit boards are available for upgrade customers.

However, there will be an additional production run after this 3-month period. So there’s still a chance to get your hands on the new Hi-Fi edition or update your current condor pedal. You can find the upgrade info here.

More about the Chase Bliss Condor Hi-Fi:

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Meet the cleaner and more dynamic Chase Bliss Condor Hi-Fi

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