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Chase Bliss Audio moves to direct sales

Chase Bliss Audio moves to direct sales  ·  Source: Chase Bliss Audio


Joel Korte the owner of Chase Bliss has addressed the fans and buyers of the brand: In a few months, the effect pedals will no longer be distributed through dealers, but only by the manufacturer directly to the musicians.


Chase Bliss goes into direct sales

Let’s call this an interesting development: Chase Bliss will soon only sell directly to customers. Without intermediaries. So the same business model that many smaller pedal manufacturers drive, especially in the boutique sector. However, Chase Bliss already has a very good standing in the FX community and the pedals just speak for themselves. 

Chase Bliss Audio Habit

Chase Bliss Audio Habit

Reasons for selling directly to customers

Joel Korte explains himself quite transparently – the following reasons are mentioned:

  1. Price
  2. Growth management
  3. Product development
  4. Availability
  5. Customer support

When you buy something from a dealer, they always get a certain amount. Which is perfectly normal, because it also has costs for import, storage, shipping and of course the service around it. According to Chase Bliss, less money arrives at the manufacturer and the pedal costs the customer more when buying via a dealer. In order for Chase Bliss to stay with the “low” prices, they have taken this bold new step. And are cutting out the middle man, which should be beneficial for customers in the long run.

Customer Feedback is positive

Customer Feedback is positive

Keeping it Personal

In addition, the team will be kept personal. Customer support will also be direct via Chase Bliss, and that should lead to less issues for customers. As they can go direct to the people that create these amazing effects with their issues.

Chase Bliss Audio CXM 1978

Chase Bliss Audio CXM 1978, a thing of beauty?

Shipping costs

It is also very interesting that in their main markets USA and EU (not: Europe) products will be shipped free of charge and allegedly there are no import fees. This only works because Chase Bliss has some employees in Amsterdam and these units are sent from there. There is also the wellknown 30-day return policy. And shipping from the Netherlands only takes a maximum of 1 day longer.

What do you think of the project? Does it increase the integrity of the company or is it not a big deal in the end? After all, many companies from the boutique sector work in the same way.


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Chase Bliss Audio moves to direct sales

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4 responses to “Chase Bliss Audio direct sales: No more dealers, buy direct”

    Adolfo ocampo says:

    Ok – De esta manera los productos Chase bliss serán más accesibles para ser adquiridos por los músicos como yo que no los hemos podido adquirir por su alto costo. Siempre he deseado poseer esta marca de pedales. Saludos !!!

      Jef says:

      I think that is their plan overall. Keep costs down by cutting out the middlemen. Going direct should work out in the favour of the customer. Plus, be better for them as a company.

    Hanzo says:

    Their stuff already too expensive for me unfortunately

    fernando riveros palma says:


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