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Irrupt Loop Collection for Bitwig

The collection comes with some pre-built clip launchers  ·  Source:

Irrupt Loop Collection for Bitwig

1GB of loops comprising all kinds of club-friendly sounds  ·  Source:

You’re probably thinking that anything with “System” in its name is some kind of application. But in this case it’s not, or not really. It’s actually a collection of sounds that’s been given a sexy name, although there’s a bit more to it than that. A collaboration between Bitwig and Denver-based sound designers Irrupt, Irrupt System is a 1GB sound collection that’s available to all Bitwig license holders and can be installed using the DAW’s package system for adding sound packs.

According to Irrupt, it’s “retro yet futuristic” in tone and seems to focus on club-based loops and sounds: bass, drums, FX, synths and one shot audio files. More interesting perhaps than a bunch of loops are the pre-created setups that also come with the collection. The “Irrupt Inspiration Generator” is a Bitwig-created pattern generator that is made up of pre-selected sounds from the loop collection already laid out in a Bitwig Clip Launcher with clips set to launch at random intervals. So it sounds like a good way to appear to be doing complex sequencing when actually the software is doing most of the work.

There’s also “Irrupt Megamix” which sounds like some sort of confusing snack food but is actually a preset Arranger and Clip Launcher project similarly loaded up with sounds from the collection and designed to save you some time. The collection can be downloaded for free by existing Bitwig license owners from and you can read more about it on


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