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Spectral Suite is now part of Bitwig Studio 4.4

Spectral Suite becomes part of Bitwig Studio 4.4  ·  Source: Bitwig


Yes, you have read correctly. After presumably much consideration, Bitwig has now added Spectral Suite to the Bitwig Studio 4.4 update. This means all users who own Bitwig 4.4 automatically qualify for the Spectral Suite license and those who purchased the bundle will receive a full refund or an Upgrade Plan extension.


This is far more “on brand” for Bitwig, having always maintained close relations with its users. This philosophy has created a cult following with top underground artists like John Tejada and Martin Stimming becoming major advocates of the platform.

Spectral Suite is now shipping with Bitwig Studio 4.4

In a move that should put a few smiles back on the faces of users, Bitwig released the following statement to users today from the official page:

“To Our Community
We’ve had time to reflect on last week’s Spectral Suite announcement and the responses from our community. We apologize for how we handled this and want to make this right.

Spectral Suite is now part of Bitwig Studio 4.4, which has an official release date of October 5, 2022. Anyone with a current Upgrade Plan now owns Bitwig Studio 4.4 and the four Spectral Suite devices. We will contact everyone who purchased Spectral Suite to offer a choice of a refund or an extension of their Upgrade Plan.

Moving forward, all of our Bitwig Studio feature development, including devices, will be covered by the 12-month Upgrade Plan.

Your support of Bitwig Studio (and us) means more than we can say. Thank you.


Onward and upward,
Your Bitwig Team

Download Bitwig Studio 4.4 here.”

As I stated previously, it made little sense for Spectral Suite to be sold separately, unless Bitwig had plans to offer the bundle on other DAW platforms. An idea that is hardly favourable, considering the power that Spectral Suite has to draw new users to the Bitwig community in the first place.

Users were angered at the sudden change in the business model, especially those with active Upgrade plans in place.  When Bitwig altered the description of the Upgrade Plan on its official site on October 6th, it only served to escalate the situation.

If anything can be learned from this debacle, it’s the fact that your voice as a user counts, and there are still situations where the customer is right. Without the pushback from the community, companies like Bitwig might not have seen the error in the way that the Spectral Suite rollout was handled.

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Pricing and availability:

Bitwig Studio 4.4 is currently available from Thomann at a price of $315, which includes the Spectral Suite bundle.

The Bitwig Studio Upgrade Plan is also available for $134, which gives you 12 months of updates.

What are your thoughts on Bitwig’s change of plans? Please let us know in the comments!

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Spectral Suite is now part of Bitwig Studio 4.4

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    Oskar says:

    Wait, this is not a plug-in that you can use in other daws ? I feel like they’ve efffed themselves as well their users over on this one, if that is the case…

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